I don't play PvP. Is my overall progress slower than most?

I mean, I used to play PvP… back in January when I only had Butter, Nightingale, Ryker, and Cross.

I haven’t played PvP for a few months and, of course, I’ve missed out on many high value rewards from the Brawls and Faction fights. That PvP crate has been sitting at four out of five wins ever since the start of July - maybe even all the way back to May! One, 'cause I suck, and two, the meta. Granted, I can spend the next few months building up the meta-game Heroes to actually stand a chance at PvP but that’s currently a long ways off.

Should I be worried about my progress? Looking at those high tier PvP event rewards make me think, “Wow! That’s some good stuff right there! I’ll never get those!”

Go ahead and place me inside the brazen bull.

You are missing out on a TON by not doing PVP. I would say your progress is roughly half of someone who does PVP semi-regularly. You have to remember you get a lot of PVP rewards just from getting 10-15 wins a day:

  • 2-3 crates, each of which can contain 5x random hero frags, 25-60 gold, or 50-250k cash
  • 10-15 hero frags from buying them with PVP Gems
  • Rewards from PVP events… usually another few thousand PVP Gems, several hundred skin tokens, sta, and sometimes a few hundred gold or elemental fragments every 3 or 4 days

So in an average week you are missing out on roughly 100-200 hero frags, up to several hundred gold, thousands of cash, hundreds of sta, and skin tokens.

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Yes you will be left behind. I dont like playing PVP but I “farm” to 10* my heroes. It’s something that you have to do since the PVP store contains a number of heroes, some of them are staples like mandrake.

But I agree, it’s a broken mess. People have been complaining about the power calculation issues, and they have done everything from selling OP heroes to “retouching” heals/revives but never to address the one of the more glaring issue. I wonder why. . .

PvP can get you unlimited frags if you keep winning… That being said, you won’t wanna feel bored cos it feels like a massive grind to get to 10 stars

My advice would be to have a balance of both PvP / Campaign + Gauntlet Frag farm. If you don’t play much PvP then do more hard campaign quick wins.

I personally don’t play much PvP but am collecting heronium from 6 heroes in hard mode daily… It will take months and you won’t have many stamina left for promotions… but I would say that it’s less taxing and worth it :slight_smile:

I love pvp, always have. HH makes changes sometimes, you win some you lose some. Personally I love the chance of winning pvp gems.