I have a question

got a question if my level is 60 but my heroes level is 59 can i play 59 level pvp

please tell me fast my level is just going to be 60 but i will stop if i got answer

I am level 75 and I can not play the lower PVP leagues if I’m using level 20 characters.

do you remember the account with 13 lvl and 10 star hero

37 days ago i reinstalled game and new acc was made so i opened it got reward and started game from new acc

No, pvp stage depends on your player level, not your heroes’ level. You can also be Playerlevel 75 and play Hereos with lvl 40

OP was asking if he will stay in the same pvp division if he goes from level 59 to 60 during the event. The answer is…whatever division you start the event in, is where you stay for the entire event.

echt jetzt? ok ich gebe zu mein englisch ist recht schlecht
therefore a translator. wo bitte steht beim Thread opener diese Frage

but ok the question is answered

I really didn’t understand that interpretation was what he originally asked but glad you saw it and answered accordingly. :slight_smile:

You’ll be bumped up to the next bracket don’t see why not as matchmaking fully relies on team power. Plus there’s better rewards in higher tier brackets.

i seen 75 lvl player with 75 level heroes in 40 level arena how is this possible

does that mean that if you have one lower level pvp hero you can take all strong level in lower pvp

this 13 lvl pvp

thats my second account

Kryptoclown isn’t a player, he’s a bot. He can appear in any PVP league.

not everytime this happen that a bot fights

Then provide a proof where you are matched up against a level 70+ player in the low league. :slight_smile:

i got no proof let the event start or wait let me ask my alliance members

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i think the question was that if you have one lower level pvp hero you can take all strong level in lower pvp

answer this one first and you said that you play pvp with 20 lvl hero so can you take 75 hero in that