Some questions about the pvp event

A few questions I have about the pvp events in general:

Can you get matched with any level in a pvp event? (The rankings are split into categories, but is match-making too?)

When the enemy has a bonus hero do you get the extra points for it?

Thank You!

You are able to potentially match with any player from any division and team level. Only the heroes you bring into the match will affect the opponents you can be matched with.

You will not recieve bonus points from your opponent’s featured heroes. Only your own featured heroes can provide bonus points on a victory.


Thank you for the quick reply!

the bonus only applies to the winner. you get nothing when you lose. so be sure to use the heroes and win to advance in the tourney. I was able to go from Division 6 to Division 4 after just a single win. In division 1 now. but i tend to use some of the bonus heroes. in case one runs out of lives.

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