I like it when the characters say "Yeah!" as a voice line. /s

It’s not like I hear it from Ghoul, Cinder, Colonal Wesson, Min, Hardscope, Salvatore, Surge, etc. This isn’t really a big issue but it’s driving this picky player crazy. Hothead, please get more voice actors and more voice lines - I’m begging you.


Oof apparently they say it costs a lot of money : / but I prefer the best character with a voice is Clyde

I wanna apply for voice acting at HotHead to play a character in this game. I dunno how to inquire tho.

Wait, people play with sound on?


I like savage’s sounds too

Fact: Savage was voiced by one of our developers!


rubs belly
finger guns

Cinder and Kobold have the same voices, I’m sure there’s someone who would do voices for not that much $

Also, Savage seems like an 'MURICA type of guy, lol. XD

Cinder and Kobold both have the generic female voice of the game, as does Callidus, Sapphyr, Panzer, Min, Flatline, and Oracle.

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Nah, see, that’s the problem. It was funny at first just hearing two or three females yelling the exact same “yeah” but throw that “yeah” in with three or four skill uses and all you hear is just “yeah” across the field.

Combine that with something like Rifleman’s “Oh yeah” or Hardscope’s “Oooh yeah”, or even Colonel Wesson’s “Yeeeeaaah…”

Hothead Presents…

Yeah Hunters

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Maybe for something special like a 2 or 3 anniversary, they should have a voice actor contest, and pick out the best voices for each character that needs a unique one. Then make arrangements to have the winners fly out to record them at the studio :thinking:. Seems like a very community-centered idea.

Thanks! I did that one.


This is now copyrighted :stuck_out_tongue:


help guys the developers are stole-ing my idea

pls help

am being scammmmed


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