The game audio

Okay so this game recently has got some problems with the audio, for some reason burst weapons don’t synchronize with the shots and sound awful, besides that almost every hero that talks has almost the same voice, litteraly if you hear callidus with that heavy female voice it’s fine but don’t apply the same voice on min or whoever else it just sounds so weird and ruins the gameplay with audio a lot, just try to take a month off adding heroes and concentrate on the audio and other bugs, no offense :slight_smile:


Yeah, @Crank, @Gale & some other players have mention this on discord too.
Hope @Skathi, @Muninn or other Devs notice this minor bugs also :handshake:

Or i can be one of hero’s Voice too, maybe. Lol. I’ll glad to be one of their voice. :sunglasses:

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They won’t use audio of other people, I believe they don’t have the time to get more va to create more lines for the newer heroes or the heroes that got re-used lines

HHG as far as I am aware don’t do audio recordings in house so not all heroes have voices and some may use the same voice actors. Regarding the gun issue, the devs are aware and will likely fix it in the next update.

The problem with the audio bug is that it is affecting rate of fire on burst weapons, only registering one bullet. It also doesn’t happen on campaign or solo missions, rather it’s on co-ops and pvp.

As for the character voices, the general response to that is that character voices require a lot of recording, mixing, and balancing before they are put in the game. Compared to other things the team works on, character audio is low on that priority list, since (I guess by game tradition or something :unamused:) many players play without audio.

Still would love to see some expansion into this area.

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the audio bug will not affect the rate of fire or burst rate on weapons.

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I know but at least just a little bit more of effort, mij and some others have an insanely deep voice which sounds weird as hell, also, the only thing they say is YEAH and when their ability’s are ready

We’ve gone over this several times already. We could source voices for free, sure. Once that’s done, they need to be implemented into the game.

That’s mixing, processing, formatting, scripting, and QA time. Those hours of work aren’t free, and compared to other needs, we have to prioritize, and new Hero voices falls lower on the priority list. Consider that we already work full-time, so it’s not a matter of “effort,” and that any idea you might come up with for us to make it happen, we’ve considered it already. That doesn’t mean we’re saying no to new voices, but what you’re proposing isn’t feasible right now, as we’ve discussed numerous times.


Alrighty got it, keep it up