My personal thoughts on this game (a more positive look on things)

Hello it is I Hugekraken and I’ve been away for a couple of months took a break from this game now I’m back.

So this is just my current opinion on the game in one simple sentence “It’s good” the game is not perfect nor am I saying it’s Pixel gun 3d levels of bad it’s just “good”

So let’s take a look at all the game modes and I’ll give my opinion on them.

Always been the same and is still pretty fun (but somewhat easy) pretty much a place where people get their parts.

Oh brother PvP one of the hands down most loved/hated game modes in the game. To me in my power level I genuinely have a very fun time just playing casually in PvP every now and then though it still definitely needs more improvements in things like matchmaking.

I just use this to grind money even after the changes its all kinda the same for me Kek.

I remember the changes to bounty and how much of an uproar was at them Jesus where we spoiled. Still bounty is fine great if you need some extra fragments.

Coop raids
Not much seems to have changed since I left still fun but a bit monotonous after the the 10th raid.

Boring repetitive unless they have good frags I skip them.

alliance wars
Currently don’t know much about them and haven’t played them enough to formulate an opinion.

The new hero’s look interesting and I’ve got my hands on some of them but again gonna need more time to experiment.

Well this is just my opinion on the game right now I think it’s improved big time since the era of panzer and ifrit. What is your opinion on the game?


Yeap, pretty much my thoughts too.

I’ve come to realize that I’m more of a team management guy. I like collecting hero fragments, and leveling/building up my characters. I still haven’t beat any of the story modes. But since I can play the game without an internet connection, I still do.