I miss using Bucket :(

I think Bucket’s Power Shot needs damage immunity or a severe damage reduction. In extreme I have to juggle her level 1 so she never uses it, otherwise she becomes an easy target.

I am fed up with the use of the same team (Serial, Fiber, Verrill, and some other 2 heroes) to pass a level or win at PvP.

I’ve been playing religiously for 1506 days on my Gnumetry account and I’m losing hope this game will stay fun and varied.

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Well really, who’s forcing you to use them? You don’t have to
I use non-meta teams all the time, and have no trouble winning. Extreme missions are sometimes solved by using a completely random hero.
Really, you are just missing creativity. As a matter of fact, i find completely random teams are much better at dealing against meta than another meta team

Bucket is a golden hero with 2 trash abilities, her gold should be more reliant on health and not dmg, absurdly microscopic hp regen, and her power shot does need a buff,
Both of these abilities get her killed, they need changes,


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