Hero Spotlight: Bucket

Icon_ElementBio Bucket

Faction_Shoremen General

  • Bucket is a “Hired Enforcer”. She charges headfirst into the conflict to keep her Allies safe. Bucket stacks powerful shields and heals to stay in the fight, risking herself to draw attention away from her allies and recovering her own Health as long as she stays aggressive.


Power Shot

Bronze Ability
Bucket Charges up a powerful shot that blasts the targeted enemy, dealing Elemental Damage and bonus BioChem Damage equal to a percentage of a Damage received while charging Power Shot.

Anchor Down

Silver Ability
Bucket Slams the ground, lifting all enemies on the battlefield into the air and shielding all allied Heroes.


Gold Ability - Passive
Whenever an ally drops to critical health, Bucket will taunt enemies focusing all enemy fire on herself. While taunting, Bucket’s Weapon deals additional Damage and she gains bonus Health per Second.


Platinum Ability - Passive
Taking Damage causes Bucket to charge up Capacitors. Whenever Bucket uses a Skill, she recovers Health equal to the amount of Damage received.

Where can I get Bucket!?

BucketRF Bucket_CrateF Bucket will be available from the PvP Crates & Co-op Raid!

What do you think of Bucket?


I am not utterly impressed by Bucket so far. I’ve seen people getting a fair amount of healing and shielding out of her but sadly I can’t make her survive long enough to accomplish that. She taunts too much and her health is too low to hold the front line.

Her brozne skill, while pretty quick to recharge, will often get interrupted. In those cases where it doesn’t get interrupted it often misses the target due to being a slow moving projectile. Should it hit I always think the damage is lackluster.
Silver skill is fine. Good even. Maybe awesome.

Her passive skills are… OK.
Gold could be better. 320 healing per second is disrespectful to her though. This should either be multiplied by 10 or maybe 20. The damage boost is nice in theory but I don’t see the effect as expected in practice. Anyone else? I mean 5000+ damage boost should result in a very high DPS due to her massive clip size and rapid fire rate.
Platinum skill is fine but since she’s likely to die so fast I don’t see it working well.

She could use some tweaking before becoming more widely distributed! :slight_smile:


Spot on.

Tip: She pairs well with Gold/Plat Phalanx to help protect her at beginning of the match.
But yeah, without other support heroes protecting her, she’s completely unsustainable


It’s not awesome that a support hero needs additional support heroes to be supportive! But I’ll play her with Phalanx and see. :slight_smile:


Looks like I’m not the only one who is seeing this. She looks pretty darn good on paper, but in practice she’s very lackluster and so very weak for the role she plays. You have nailed it.


Massive letdown to me honest. Making her available for this PvP brawl has been useless for me because she gets annihilated immediately and I spent time getting her leveled up for this brawl. Not looking forward to using her in bounty or any other PvP events.

Agreed. She’s not terrifying. Jarek and Kobold are more so because Jarek can totally incapacitate your key players. Kobold can keep her team healed up, if you time her skills right.