Bucket Analysis

Based on a lot of feedback, I think its safe to say people are quite upset about Bucket being available by only a means of :moneybag: cash :moneybag:…

Most people probably do not remember that when Galante was released, the only available means to obtain him was cash as well… $25 USD to be exact, and it took a few days before he was made available to grind, just like in this case.

With that being said, Bounty was a lot different back then, and his unavailability was not as impactful to the event as it is today with Bucket.

As someone who has gotten a chance to use Bucket on my team through substantial amounts of PvP matches (thanks to the unlimited amount of lives she has in this PvP tournament) I’d like to give my opinion on what I think of her thus far:

****Note: My Bucket is Level 85, 7* Platinum 0, with each skill at Level 80****

PvP Viability

For the majority of matches that I win, I feel like this screenshot is the best representation of her viability in a PvP match. This is the most common thing I see with her.

  • Very low damage output
  • Damage taken often varies, due to her taunts and player targeting
  • Very high healing and shielding output

In some rare cases, she’s even been the MVP of the match, but even still we see the same trend, very low damage and high healing and shielding output.

Bronze Skill

I feel like this skill is pretty flawed, and damn-near close to useless.
Activating this skill is more detrimental than it is effective, in my opinion.
The time it takes from activating the skill to the actual release of the shot is ~4-5 seconds, which leaves her vulnerable for way too long, especially since she taunts the enemy team and takes a hell of a lot of damage in the meantime.

The health that she loses during this skill activation does contribute to the damage she deals, but in my experience the health that she loses is FAR more valuable than her damage contribution (or lack thereof)…

Silver Skill

This skill is absolutely awesome, and very effective, especially at crucial moments during matches. It shields, it heals, and it incapacitates the entire enemy team and leaves them completely vulnerable for a small duration to give your team the upper hand.

It can really allow for a turning of the tables if you’re team is on its way to a loss.
Love it, especially when paired with the right heroes.

Gold Skill

I think the only bittersweet thing about this passive is the Taunt… The rest is just bitter…
She does take enemy AI targeting away from heroes that drop below 50% health, but all this does is cause her to take a hell of a lot more damage, and gaining “342 Health Per Second”?? That’s a bit disparaging, don’t you think…?

She focuses ALL enemy fire towards herself during a 10 second taunt, while there are heroes that deal 15k-20k+ damage per second, all the while she’s gaining a mere 342 health per second… That’s actually insulting to the hero concept if you ask me LOL.
Without a secondary healer/shielder protecting her ass, she’s burnt toast.

Platinum Skill

This skill does make her Bronze skill a tad better, considering she heals herself by using it, but this passive is still a bit bland and lacks much oomph, especially when taking into account that a 500k HP Bucket that takes 50% of her entire health bar will only gain 5% of it back when she uses a skill…


Overall, I think she is a fairly well-balanced support hero… Her healing and shielding are above average and her damage output is puny…
Without any secondary/tertiary support heroes protecting her, however, her sustainability is godawful and will die in the first few seconds of the match…
I’d like to see more sustainability out of her.

Her silver skill gives her 99% of the value she has to offer during a PvP match, if she can stay alive long enough to use it… The rest of her skills I feel could use revamping.

Bounty Concerns

As for Bounty, if you don’t have her yet because you didn’t want to pay $$$, don’t stress about it too much…
If missing out on damage contribution is what you’re worried about… don’t… Her damage will not be great, even while bonused…

If not being able to attack a bounty that requires you to have Bucket is what you’re worried about, it’ll all be alright… just be sure a few members in your alliance have her… Those bounties will get cleared, I’m sure.

Anyways, that’s my take on her… Agree or disagree?
Lemme know what you think!
Cheers :slight_smile:


Coming from someone philosophically (and perhaps overly stubbornly) opposed to directly spending real money on the new hero, I really appreciate your detailed, thoughtful, and levelheaded approach to this analysis. Lots of great info here, so a big thank you on behalf of everyone that doesn’t have her yet!


Great analysis overall.

The health per second on her gold skill definitely looks like it needs an improvement.

I think people are worrying a little too much about bounty: 1) Bucket isn’t the only bonused hero; 2) You’ve proved her DPS is subpar; 3) Bucket will probably be available from raids after the upcoming Bounty Event.

I disagree. The issue here is not about one bounty. It’s about the precedent that’s being set by the devs for the future of the game. If this is to be the new norm, then what happens when a hero comes out that DOES have high damage as its purpose? The only way to be competitive will be by spending real money. This is a dangerous and very concerning precedent to set and if this is how things will be moving forward, I’m unfortunately going to have to say goodbye to the game that I’ve put so much time into.


Your concern is totally understandable and I agree with you full-heartedly, this should NOT be the new norm and I think it would be detrimental to the game if it were.

With that being said, I don’t think it will be. I’m not sure about your account’s age, but this is not the first time they’ve introduced a hero that was solely obtainable through cash-money.
As I reminded everyone in the original post, Galante could only be gotten through cash when he was first introduced and that was a whooping 11 months ago in the March 2018 Update.

  • Scenario 1: New hero only obtainable by cash for every single update…
  • Scenario 2: New hero only obtainable by cash 1 update out of the year…

I think Scenario 2 is more like the trend thats happening here, and is understandable from a business POV, but also somewhat frustrating from a consumer’s POV.
However, Scenario 2 is certainly a lot more tolerable than Scenario 1 would be.


This is a 100% not relevant but I saw you were using night’s legendary skin I keep reading that is not viable. Is it good or naw?

Its not a flat upgrade anymore. Theres situations where both can be good. Leg night + heim is a lotta healing