I will continuously bump this post once a day, for every day, until Gilded Crate exclusive Heroes are made non-exclusive


or, you know, until Muninn bans this thread.


Lurker, this is how you get banned :joy:

Lurker nooooooooooooooooo

Hopefully soon. Get this spam garbage out of here

This is what I mean when I write that HH are focusing the whole game towards spenders but then they all will be maxed and start to leave the game as is not much for them to do.

Sad but true. This game has become pay to win!

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Is not even pay to win ( jokingly ). We don’t win anything materialistic. I’ve actually got a better way in saying personally. Pay to have fun so you declare bankruptcy. :joy: horrible

I got him twice…

Props to you. It is Wednesday my dudes.

Bumped there ok there

all i saw was “I will continuously breakt the forum rules for spamming due to crate exclusive heroes”.

all we can do is watch as you do this to yourself :man_shrugging:

Is it really spamming if I bumped once or twice a day? I hate myself already, so it doesn’t matter.

Showing my support for this thread even though I got Lancer.

Incidentally, why does Lancer change faction from KLG to UAF when his skin is equipped?

Hello, friends! Just your daily idiot bumping the thread! Have a good day and eat your veggies!!

Good catch, his skin is named UAF. It may be related to Carabina (UAF Airborne) having a KLG skin too as her Blood Wraith skin has the KLG symbol.

This is off-topic though, in this off-topic.