Let's talk portraits

I have one question. Why do I need to grind pvp for a portrait that has the exact same file zoomed in or slightly edited but still the same as the solo raids. Why should I have to grind pvp for portrait I have are earned in years past but they slap 2020 on it and act like it’s new…look at the mercs/morelocks solo raid 2020 and the mercs/morelocks 2019 pvp…they just reused the same file with a different frame…that not fun to play for! Whats the point of playing for the same thing over and over…i wish we had the same care about portraits that we did in years past that they looked like these


I agree with this, I like the portraits we currently have but I don’t think we should get several of the same thing. Also war and bounty have the same portraits, and bounty gives 4 of the same portraits. rip


Great post. Creating a great, unique portrait, shouldn’t take that long. I bet several players would be willing to create and submit ideas if they needed help or didn’t have the time.

Portraits are one of the few things each of us strive for to add to our portfolio.

Not so long ago, I created a forum post recommending several types of portrait ideas.

OWN should of received a special portrait for this last Bounty event. 4 Billion+ done to overtake VRIJ. Both those alliances committed insane hours, gold, and money to achieve 1st/2nd.

A simple but gratifying reward to provide them with for their commitment/support to the game could of been a unique Bounty portrait with the words 4 Bil+ on it. Hint, Hint, make them one.

Portraits are such a simple thing to add and design to help players feel like they achieved something.

Look at Fortnite and how much money they make on digital clothes!!! Can’t even begin to say how much my kid has spent on digital clothes/costumes/gear. Smh, Ugh, Smh :man_facepalming:t3:.

Great post and I hope HH pays attention.


Two words: “Custom portraits!”


Think that’s a bad Idea. Too many times playing cod they would have extremely inappropriate ones


@tollboothkyle I want custom portraits but I do agree… maybe support or someone could approve portraits before people can use it, I know that’s what Xbox does at least…


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Ok how bout a meet in the miiddle arrangement. Clan portraits can be customised from a specific set of options. Why not same for personal profile portraits? Have a set option pack - Create your own custom avatar/profile tag/portrait etc.


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