New Autoplay Options

Been thinking of the way my heroes run in autoplay and I feel as if we should add options for play style. Especially in bounties I’ll have a strong team but a couple heroes will spend more time behind cover than actually sending rounds down range. I was thinking we could add a button to switch between an aggressive play style and a defensive play style. Basically instead of a hero using half a clip then hiding behind cover for 5 seconds and then jumping up and using the other half (since that’s more so a defensive play style) if you where in an aggressive play style your hero would use the whole mag, drop down reload then immediately jump back up and drop another mag. And instead of jumping barrier to barrier they just stand behind one even after its destroyed just aggressively sending rounds at their target. I’m new to the whole discord thing so Any feedback on the idea would be great. Thanks guys

While not a bad idea I at the same time thinks that playing on auto should come with some handicaps since it’s the lazy kind of playing.

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True, but sometimes you gotta throw it on auto I use auto for a multitasking purpose lol

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