Idea name suggestion front-line hero

Name suggestion for the next heavy front-line hero “MOTUS” (Earthquake)

The characters in the game always look very cool and the ideas fascinate me - hence the idea with a new character. Motus would have to have an armour that shows this according to the Greek origin of his name. This is how a helmet of a Greek warrior would surely look ingenious. As a primary weapon, he could have a futuristic lance to shoot with. He should have a shield as secondary and defensive equipment.

Bronze (shield hammer)
The shield could be used for an earthquake attack by Motus jumping off and ramming his shield into the ground on landing. As a result, the opponent’s direct cover should be destroyed and adjacent covers should be damaged. The enemies behind the cover would have to take medium damage and a direct hit would have to be fierce. In any case, the opponent should be dazed.

Silver (kinetic rebound)
He would have to hold the shield in front of him to defend himself and go behind it into crouched cover.
The action mocks the strongest opponent and lets him fire on Motu’s shield for 7 seconds. During this time, the shield absorbs all hits. When charged, the shield could then shoot down an energy lance with the complete absorbed charge in the direction of the attacker, which would reflect the previously absorbed damage and then additionally force the opponent to his knees for 5 seconds.

Gold (shield wave)
Here Motus could hammer his shield several times on the ground as soon as the health of a team member falls below 30%. This should trigger an earthquake that could confuse enemies and weaken their attacks by 50% for 10 seconds.

Same as Gold plus - at the same time Motus could throw the energy lance at the opponent after the shield hammer (who last fired at the alliance member and thus inflict additional damage to the opponent).

Flesh him out buddy - let’s have some background story to the guy, skills, weapons etc…

Has this something to do with POTUS?

Earthquake means destroy everything without any plan?

Don’t want to start something political but I’d love to shoot “MOTUS” up

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With respect to the Marvel character Quake and her appearance in Marvel Puzzle Quest, let’s make MOTUS inspired by her!

Bronze Skill: Some quake thing. Every enemy receives a bit of damage, becomes stunned for 2 seconds and two random enemies swap places! Just like that! All of a sudden Dogface appears in the front row!

Silver Skill: N/A based on Quake in Marvel Puzzle Quest. Maybe… Another quake thing? Yes.

Gold Skill: Back to Puzzle Quest inspiration here. MOTUS is an expert at even things out (being a quake expert you have to deal with this obviously) so any skill that deal damage to two or more allies are reduced - significantly.

Platinum Skill: Nothing to do with Quake or the theme at all, just give an ally who’s under 50% health 20% faster skill recharges.

The community coming together to build a hero. Brings a tear to my eye.


Please don’t overinterpret. The hero names in the game are mostly in English. Motus is just the Greek word for earthquake and I think it sounds cool. In this game, you shoot at anything that didn’t hit the head on the count of three. Please don’t get it wrong - if you think Motus is too political you wouldn’t play the game, would you?

Is that ironic? I thought you could and may place ideas here. If I’m wrong, I apologize. I’m new here and that’s how I understood the category.

It was a joke mate :joy::+1:

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If you think I’m stupid, then I’ll have to prove it to you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

By all means this is the correct place to share ideas. I 100% support any sort of collaboration.

The developers actually like feedback in this game xD

Okay. Thanks - as I said I am new here and as a German I sometimes can’t translate the English completely literally and correspondingly, so that I sometimes don’t know for sure if someone is just kidding. However, I certainly don’t lack humor.

Like Southpark would say, it’s not your fault, just build a robot.

And the developers are Canadians so they are always good and friendly people.

Have fun with the game mate, funny to see all those different countries playing, cya mate and good luck.

From your dutch neighbor

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