New Hero Concept - HammerJack: The Walking Mountain

Mechanical Hero
Faction: Aeronautics Fau

Hp 3/5
Armour 4/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 4/5

favorite hobbies: crush insects

He is a front line tank that causes violent earthquakes that destroys covers and destabilizes enemies.

Bronze: Earthquake - causes a violent earthquake that destroys the cover and destabilizes the enemy

Silver: meteor shower - throws huge rocks towards the enemy, blocking them

Gold: road works - when he destroy an enemy cover, an allied cover is repaired

Platinum: Magnitude - increases the damage of the earthquake and adds stunning

The HammerJack weapon is a cannon connected to a tank placed on the back; low rate of fire, average damage and average reload speed.

Appearance: HammerJack wears a huge orange plaque armor (a mixture of Ricther and Vanguard), the helmet is orange (with two points that recalls Batman’s helmet), the part of the face is black with white and bright triangular eyes and a sort of gray grid on the mouth.

something like this.

the usual thanks to Albertolmm33, the translator and to HH

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Destroy shells? I think the translator needs some work