Ideas about new events

  1. Crate opening event :-
    Open crate in event time and collect the rewards from milestones.
    Silver crate = 1 points
    Gold crate = 2 points
    Hero crate = 3 points
    Speciality token crate = 3 points
    Gilded crate = 4 points
    Most wanted crate = 5 points
    Special gilded crate = 8 points

5 Milestones will be sufficient.

2)hero kill event :-
Kill the certain amount of enemy heros in pvp and coop pvp to get reward
One kill = 1 point

5 Milestones will be sufficient.

3)min simulator level lederboard rewards :-
The higher level in min simulater give higher rewards
Just need to add lederboard in min simulater with completed level of players.


I will echo Muninn here for you, if you have thought of it then there is likely a reason why it hasn’t been done yet or at all


Ty bro (20 character need)

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