Need Suggestions For Upcoming Event's

I am playing this game more then 545 Days. It’s really good game makeing play me more and more day by day. What I am saying is while purchasing anything thy need to increase the conatiant of that carat or cart. … It’s really awesome game I really love it…

10 :star2:

What? Conatiant? Carat or cart?

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If we buy any Crates or Special Offer Buy…!

Maybe it’s a language thing, but is it that you want to see more unique crates/offers to buy some sort of deal in game?

Yes I have seen last time 7 or 5 :star2: token

This may sound unusual but maybe you can re-write your post in your native language and then translate it to English. Or I’ll translate it for you, but I don’t think we are understanding what you are trying to tell us and I’d like to know.

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Sure I will rewrite this post again

Are you saying you want more content in the crates?

Yes Bro you got me right what I am trying to say… Also I will post what I want to say with full bifrgatcion…

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