Ideas for Developers!

Fix the RNG! And reduce the number of same materials required. Example bronze fuel cell. It’s just a useless grind.
Pvp is unbalanced and lags.


Topic, ideas for developers.

Content, fix fix fix


The idea is to fix everything he dislikes :smiley:


Yeah not the best framing but I mostly agree, esp those damn bronze fuel cells…

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Once you start doing higher chaps, you will get 0-3 bronze fuells per run. I currently have 400 of those, and I cant remember the last time I farmed 3-7.

Also, a new event raid starts today that will allow you to get a bunch of them, so that should help if you are strugling with fuel cells

The reward is energy?

I mean the new solo-raid, not the blitz.

You can get bronze, silver and gold fuel cells and bronze and silver grenades, if I recall correctly

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