Upcoming coop rewards....its not even worth playing

The upcoming lethalclone coop rewards are pretty useless…only having the fuel cells and grenades? Really? Why isnt there anything else in there? I wish i could get the boots or pistols or anything else other than a campaign mission. I just want the coop raid to be worth it.


Isnt this the one for the rare Xianjiu skin? Think thats the highlight.

I agree have hundreds of cells don’t even use.

No that’s a different one - terracotta reigns

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Almost everyone needs gold fuel cells.

I have the majority of my heroes at 10*… I ALWAYS could use more gold fuel cells. I do miss the every 4 hr. Reset co ops where u could stock up on them. Yeah, the grenades are kind of a dumb reward, for we get them in gw and in the crate.

It’s free! Be grateful. Sheesh

Then don’t play it? You’re not required to participate. Personally, I’m incredibly happy to see gold fuel cells as a reward, and I’m sure any high-leveled player knows how desperately they’re needed.


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