Golden fuel cells

I know this been brought up many times about gw changing rewards. But since many of the loyal players are reaching 95 and 100, can you guys make a new gw stage that offers gold fuel cells instead of more grenades. I’m sure most of us trade in our grenades for war coins anyway.
When it comes to upgrading, some heroes only require 14 platinum grenades to gain a new bar while almost every hero requires 33 golden fuel cells. I know every few weeks you guys give us a different coop, and in those coops, the rewards have golden fuel cells. But the truth is 2 golden fuel cell rewards doesn’t help much. There’s just so many different ways to get grenades. We already get them by doing gw, can you change up the gw store and offer golden fuel cells. Thanks


Man I agree 100% with you

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There is a variety of ways i get them. Gauntlet store pops up randomly and alliance store daily. That 4 hour coop reset event is the best. No one ever wants a trade and if your around enough you can hop on enough of them to stock up. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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At 33 per equipment though, it takes a lot. Even if you get 4 from an event and another couple from Gauntlet (they only come up about every third restock) you are still going to have less than a third what you need per hero, per platinum level. Meanwhile we have thousands of grenades that go unused.

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You seem to forget thats how this game was designed. You have two choices. Grind it out and wait or pay for stamina and get those gold cells faster. With that being said if you stay on top of it and utilize every Gold cell option you can stock up and use them as needed. Gold cells are not the only gear you will need a over stock in. MK gear you will have the same problem if you dont stock up for when you need to upgrade heros. I got through it with no problem. Why? Because i planned ahead and acquired gear before hand.

You can’t really over stock or stay up on them. As I said before you can only get around 7 per day from events and Gauntlet, and both of those are not available every day.

If you are sinking mass amounts of energy or Alliance Gems to get them you are falling behind with other needed equipment like platinum ninja stars, swords, and MK fragments. At 33 for most equipment it’s a high required amount, but there are not a lot of avenues to get them.

Once you start getting to ruby and need 3x the plat grenades per hero, you will retract this statement. Back when plat first came out and gear requirements were higher, you could make this same post about gold throwing stars. It’s the game economy. Just because you don’t think you need something now, doesn’t mean you won’t need it later

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