If I was a Developer, I would do

Let’s play a little game.
Many (not everyone) think that being a Dev is easy, you are everyone’s boss and you just snap your fingers to change something.

What I’m proposing is simply "what would you do if you were a Dev?

I want to see only and exclusively your “dev” thoughts, I don’t want to see any controversy, degeneration and anything else that is not inherent to the post, also because I will close the post immediately.

As a Developer you will never be alone, you will always be on a team and there will always be someone above controlling you.

Muninn, Nikon and Skathi will look at you and laugh at you so be careful what you say.

I’ll start:
If I was a Dev, I would have done anything to please the game.
But if people come and tell me that I can’t do my job, at the cost of taking a complaint for crimes against humanity I would have started World War 6. so powerful to skip 3, 4 and 5.
Because I have no patience for fools.




I mean, no matter what you do you can’t please everyone. You fix one thing or change it for the better and then something else don’t work.

I guess if I was a Dev, I’d put secret messages in different levels and see how long it takes folks to notice and decipher the clue. I’d probably end up having fun with the community to show I wasn’t some emotionless robot like they would assume :man_shrugging:t2:

Who says there isnt?


As a Dev, I would hone my witty repartee to annihilate any mortal who dares challenge my authority, calling upon the spirits of Huginn and Omni to grant me overwhelming power. :joy:

Seriously though, as a Dev (game/character design is the focus I would imagine?), then I would try to figure out what abilities/skills haven’t been implemented in the game, and then work on a hero that best fills that role.

I also would look a lot at marketing, if possible; knowing how to best advertise the game in a fresh and interesting way. That might honestly be making some kind of animations/wallpapers/digital art/etc., or it might be in actual marketing.

(No I’m not a designer or marketing major; kinda wish i was though) :smile:

(Oh, and I would also work my butt off trying to get more character voices in the game, echoing @Dagamepro)


If I was a Dev I would break every law, copyright, and rule and go into hiding.
Just to implement fanmade hero concepts and voices into the game.


I would really like to see a trading system. Within the allaince members or something.

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If I was a developer, I would design a PvP map for space fight so instead of people running left to right, they’d be floating aimlessly, but your bullets are also scattering all over the place.

If i was a Dev,
I would love to hire someone who passionate to make a walkthrough videos or kinda things in youtube, or else where. To providing some clue for others players.

Then support that person secretly.
Or support him/her publicly (not secretly), like to announced it on game msg & etc.

So that if any players who desperate to break through any missions, pvp, or else, they can see other references via videos (not only by a single Screenshot or text).

Make interactions there, so it can draw more interest from ones who still aren’t play this game.
(we indeed need more regenerations here, imo. So over time we can always see trades between low lvl players, for example)


But yea actually there are so many heroes and modes now I’m sure it’s intimidating for new players. All the information is technically here but some are dated and others require searching

I think someone posted earlier about Having a guide put together, @Gale or one of the other community all stars


My self and @Gale have one. Gale is currently making one big guide. I’m helping when I can. But it’s %99.5 His work.

If I was a developer of hero Hunter I would be the best developer hero hunter ever had I will pay attention to my hard paying customers and settle War 5 before we go into war 6 to get them satellites up in the air to cut out the lag time also why would I do this because that’s what I was hiring for to be a developer that’s why I get paid also


I would dust off my math minor and get to work on all those hidden formulas. The ones that define how much growth a hero gets when you promote or evolve or level up. Analyze the data and adjust the formulas to work on hero balance. And make a guerrilla warfare guerilla hero, who says robots get to have all the fun.


If I were a developer … I would communicate more with the community. I am aware that you cannot take into account everything the community wants but you can respond to them. I would start a poll with the most “complaints” from the community and put what was most voted on my priority list.


If I was a dev, I would make all the heroes Godlante. All of the heroes would go in one factiom, the Church of Godlante. Then, I would make all the co-ops be named after Godlante. For example, Godlante PvP, Godlante Co-ops, Godlante Gauntlet, etc… then everyone would get toasters as a reward for patrols. Every patrol would last 1 second. All the daily quest heroes would be Godlante. All the gems would be named after Godlante like the gamemodes. Then, as my final wish, EVERYONE would be named after Godlante :3


So what your saying is, you wouldn’t change anything?