Ifrit’s bronze is an upgrade of Operator’s bronze

Excuse me but Ifrit’s restoration wave skill is literally what Operator’s restoration should’ve been. Dev’s you wanna explain?

What’s wrong with an upgrade?

There’s like, another Hero (Operator), that does the same thing except does it as Heal-per-second on one single target. Plus, Ifrit can jump his healing target unlike Operator.

If they let Operator also jump healing targets that’d make him a better utility Hero.

idk maybe a Ifrit’s skill is a side grade seeing that he only heals a limited amount of health. Let’s see how he plays out when I eventually roll enough crates to pull him.

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According to a guildmate, Operator is currently one of the strongest healers. I don’t know what is the cooldown of Ifrit’s bronze, since I don’t own him yet, but I doubt is as short as Operator’s

I don’t think it can be called an upgrade. Operator’s heal is a stronger single target heal that gets wasted on a hero with 90% health.

I know lots of skills that are basically another heroes skill - but better and / or a little different.
Like Richer’s blast and Phalanx’ blast.
All the spread fire skills.
Sentry and Prophet got similar super-shots.
Healing Wave is similar to Chem Bath.

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Ifrit’s heal is not even the same type of heal as Operator’s imo. Operator now has a strong single target heal. He always had one, but with all the healing changes his is actually still quite good and can outpace damage. Most heal over time abilities were toned down so damage can usually outpace them.

Ifrit is similar to Nightingale’s single target heal (non-skin) in that its instant and doesnt heal a ton of health. The difference is that it can jump if it overheals; Nightingales cant.

Ifrit’s heal is designed to keep the team topped off - not to save those in critical condition. If your tank is about the die, Ifrit probably wont save him nearly as well as Operator. But if a couple team members are at 80-90% health, Ifrit is useful.

This is my personal experience so far. My Ifrit isnt super powerful yet (5 star gold 1) so if others have him at a higher level or a comparable level to Operator or other healers feel free to respond.