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Question for the Devs: In my experience, when Ifrit revives an ally, their health from the revive is so low that they only last a matter of seconds until they’re killed again - unless you’re lucky enough to have a healer that can heal them immediately after the revive. Is it possible to increase the amount of health given by Ifrit’s revive?


My friend I am going to break some horrible news to you, check the recent June patch notes and you will see he was just nerfed, so I doubt he will be rebuffed any time soon, use flatline as a better alternative :slight_smile:

Ifrit Ifrit

Unfinished Business was a little too strong. Lowering the Health a revived Hero receives helps balance the playing field.

  • Unfinished Business revived Hero Health reduced by 15%

Yup - I did see that in the June notes. I think he was nerfed a little too much which is why I was hoping the devs might reconsider and buff him a bit for August.

I will agree with you there, me along with many never really thought of infrit as that strong a reviver when compared to flat but I guess there must have been some reason for the nerf

They should have never introduced reviver in the first place. I guess @megabreath74 wasn’t around when ifrit first came out when you had the flat/ifrit combo where they were constantly reviving each other at full health. I wish heal block would also revive-block.

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Yeah I always got confused by heal block, I wish it would work wehre if you heal blocked a healer they couldn’t heal anyone that would be more interesting for meta game, callidous would quicly become a go to tank

@Gale, the term that you’re looking for is ‘silence’. I believe Maven and Cast has this ability to do it, albeit temporarily.

REMEMBER, 15% of nothing is still nothing. so not much of a nerf.

The big nerf for him came when they only allowed him to revive a hero one time. I really don’t believe he needed the June Nerf. I find it funny though that they make him only revive one time yet flatline can constantly revive people.

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He was definitely a problem when they first introduced him because his Showtime and revive were a LOT stronger than they are now. His revive used to work an unlimited number of times as long as Ifrit was alive, now it’s maxed at one revive per hero. His Showtime also use to be a lot better (up almost 100% of the time after initial use).

Now Ifrit is kind of a joke. His revive brings heroes back with such little hp they are immediately killed. The 15% hp reduction was completely unwarranted. If they were going to do that, they should have at least made Ifrit’s healing better, or did something else to compensate. Ifrit is one of the worst healers in the game.


Yup, and they come back with 3x the hp when Flatline revives. And she is a decent healer as well.


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