Ifrit isnt he too over powered

Ifrit as we have all noticed by now is the newest game changer… However i have a few questions i would like clarify…

The first question is… his platnium ability states that if a hero didn’t kill anyone they will be revived if they are killed… won’t this ability be an endless loop if a hero hasn’t killed anyone and ifrit is still alive… I’m not sure if my understanding is right but immediate attention should be made to either limit number of revives to once per match

The second question is quite frankly on the same unbalanced hero discussions we been having since the introduction of panzer…ifrit’s ability is intantly better than phoenix who has to wait to revive and flatline whose skill can only target one person at a time… I think everyone can imagine pairing ifrit with caine flatline nightingale and panzer… or other support heroes who don’t deal any substantial damage but are game changers in their own regard

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Naw imo he’s just a bio version of Flat


Chill dude, just because Panzer was OP at release doesnt mean Ifrit is. Give it a couple of days of observation first.


Man been out for a few hours we already talking about being op lol give it a few weeks at least damn lol

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No he has the right idea
teaming up with kane mandrake Panzer nightingale with new skin upgraded the list goes on
It can become an endless cycle because I’m dealing with that right now
Nightingale upgraded skin heal herself and her team ability
It’s paired with the right characters your damage is constantly negative please people try these things and find out

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I doubt we can talk about a hero being too strong just by looking at the skills, a few minutes after being released.

Maybe we should just… you know… check what the hero actually does before speaking?

Because I actually think the opposite at first glance. I think his plat is going to be quite bad, and his only redeeming skill will be silver. But Im just guessing, since I haven’t played him. So Im not going to ask for buffs/nerfs until I actually test him.

I lost one fight yesterday against ifrit(gold 8*, I was impressed tbh)he whiped me out, but it’s probably also because I didn’t know what to do, so let’s wait a bit to see how it rols out

We should start complaining about the september hero(es) and figure out how to nerf them before they even become a spotlight. Seriously, a few minutes after release? This shouldn’t even be a thing.

Can we just give all heroes bounty level health, swat armor, and nerf guns? That should stop all the outbursts pretty well.

I’m sorry if I seem a bit pessimistic about this subject but the nerf crying is getting WAY too out of hand.

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Or maybe they think the devs should release weak ass heroes to be honest I want every new hero to be better than the last, it keeps the game interesting


I kinda agree, only if the some of the older Heroes have a way to counter the newer Heroes.

Ifrit is BROKEN his showtime skill shutting all opponent team. This is another Halo debacle.

He’s not OP but he’s cool!
I bet Showtime’s gonna be a huuuuge source of frustration in PVP - he can basically spam it over and over since it recharges while the slow-mo effect is active. Love it! Makes him fun to play and easy to deal with - yep he’s gotta go down first.

15 seconds is a long time… anything can happen during that time. Its somewhat of a counter to panzer, if he is the only healer then theres a choice, kill ifrit and the rest of the team gets 200k HP or kill an energy but then go for ifrit after so the revive doesn’t occur 15 seconds later.

Got the new hero he’s amazing not overpowering and for sure not under powered
what’s happening most likely called
you don’t have
an I do have
so let me say something
buy the crate for the new hero It’s luck of the draw

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At crate tier 3 or 4 you get him guaranteed.
I upgraded my Ifrit to Gold 5* and been annoying people in PVP by slowing them down almost permanently. He’s such fun! Great job on designing Iftit, developers.

Kevin you’re 100% right I have to be honest
I beat my drum about nightingales new skin mandrake and flatline it’s similar it’s just hard to deal with certain players will exploit system flaws or if you don’t have those characters you can’t counterbalance your team

In his bio it speaks of discombobulate not silence all heroes it’s a glitch at the moment
Your whole team skills will be silenced and you start moving at 60% of your speed it’s a glitch

The speed down is intended.

Bro just look at the post were talking about a glitch in which is not discombobulating it’s silencing the Whole team
silence is not part of the characters bio
just look
we get it it’s part of the characters
To slow you down 60%
That’s part of his skills on the other hand nothing says silencing one team member or all the team members as part of his bio so thanks anyway

No you don’t