Hero Spotlight: Ifrit

Icon_Elementbio Ifrit

Morlocks General

  • A powerful healer, Ifrit leads his Morlocks out of the sewers and empowers them to dominate the competition. He supports his teammates and exposes his enemies using his powerful abilities. Ifrit can revive his fallen comrades and uses the death of his allies to boost himself.


Restoration Wave :heavy_plus_sign:

Bronze Ability
Ifrit sends a healing beam to the ally Hero with the lowest remaining Health. If the targeted ally does not use the entire Healing amount from Restoration Wave, the beam bounces to the next allied Hero, restoring Health as it bounces until the full Healing amount has been consumed.

Showtime :heavy_plus_sign: :speech_balloon:

Silver Ability

While Showtime is active, boost all allied Hero’s health and attack, all enemies are Disoriented and Slowed. Any Stealthed enemies are also Marked and Silenced.

Life Debt :heartpulse: :arrow_up:

Gold Ability - Passive

Ifrit gains bonus Health whenever an ally Hero dies. When Ifrit is killed he heals all allies equal to his max Health. Life Debt lasts until the end of the Mission or Match.

Unfinished Business :innocent: :arrow_up:

Platinum Ability - Passive

Ifrit will revive and heal a fallen ally if the Hero has not killed an enemy.

Where can I get Ifrit!?

  • Ifrit_Fragment_Raid Ifrit Fragments will be available in Co-op Raids

What do you think of Ifrit?



It’sssssss SHOWTIME!! :smiley:

So the bronze sword needed to promote Ifrit is only available in silver crates? Is that a mistake?

when i first saw the video, i thought he was some voodoo guy. He reminded me of Nazeebo. I just know that im going to co-op the crap out of dojo with my alliance to get this guy. i got a good feeling about him

Try Hard Campaign Missions 3-9 and 4-5.

Lol thanks for that I wish I knew before I spent a bunch of gauntlet tokens to get it.

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Hey @Dominique_Whitfield! Thanks for your report and time :slight_smile:. We’re aware of the Bronze Sword & Silver Crate issue. We’re on it, and will fix the Bronze Sword as quickly as possible. In the meantime, as lovely @ULFPAM has suggested, Hard Missions 3-9 & 4-5 are possible sources.

Showtime causing massive FPS drop in gauntlet

@bombbella This is a great example of why hard missions should show up in the “Find-In” list of where items can be found! I know it’s not related to this particular topic, but myself and many others have expressed a desire to see it added.


Ifrit’s bronze heal is too weak for the its charge time. Under AI control his automatic weapons have abysmal accuracy yet only a 20-round mag - so that hurts its charge time even more. Why would you add a single target heal with a “bouncing” mechanic if the heal is so utterly weak that its almost never going to bounce.

Showtime scales really poorly but is a decent skill.

All in all, I would use him if he actually did his job and put out decent healing but it’s really just too low. Even if you cancelled my Keel heal 2 seconds in, it would still heal more than Restoration Wave, and they are of comparable power in my lineup (Keels heal also automatically jumps to a new target if they have lower HP which makes it better than Res. Wave).

He is pretty poor, even at 8* Platinum and glitched showtime (silences all)


They made don’t dare to make another good hero due to the nerf demands / “i quit” / etc. :slight_smile:

Love using this hero but I feel there should be a limit on how many times he can revive each hero. Paired with a Flatline ,it’s going to be revive city.

U can get bronze swords from hard campaign

Did they change his Platinum? He now revives after 15 seconds and not instantly…

15 seconds is the only deal I’ve seen.

I think they change him… he was initially instant revive when they released him…wrote a long thread abt him being overpowered our words were heard lol

Ifrit has always has a 15 second delay on his revive skill.

The only changes we’ve made since his release have been bugfixes.

  • fixed his AI aiming, was taking too log between shots and rarely shooting.
  • fixed his silver skill’s status effects to match the skill description.