IMPORTANT: Read before submitting feedback

If you haven’t read this, take a look! It may help you out the next time you’re upset about a balance change or a match up you experienced, and will help you provide feedback we can use.

Focus on what you’re feeling and experiencing, not on what you perceive the cause or solution to be. That helps us process your feedback best.


thanks muninn! 20 charathers stuff

Thanks for this! Sorry if some of my forum posts have seemed rude or irrational. I love this game and want to see it thrive even more than it already does.

as folks learned in an old (Disney) forum I used to mod in, there is a nice way of good constructive feedback and then there is the aggressive part where there isnt an explanation and devs are blamed for this one minor issue.

Devs are people too. some lurk on the forums and read everything, they dont all reply. doesnt mean they arent listening.


I’m gonna post the same message here that I have on Discord for all members of the community to read, your opinions are welcome and you can voice them without scrutiny but remember and take a moment to think about this message before you say such things as you’re ‘disappointed’ or ‘expected more’.

This message is regarding the new common skins from the V3 update:

Please remember that HHG does not make any profit from making skins and visual changes like this, all the skins are going to be craft able with Nanodust or purchased from the skin crate using the OG Skin tokens. These skins were not easy to make, and it wasn’t as easy as applying new colours as heroes are broken apart into pieces as said by Muninn on the forums. Please also remember that in the last month and a half we have gotten a new Oro skin, a New Kurtz skin and a new Duran skin all of which are custom and completely different from their original models, those all took time and a lot more effort than to make these new common skins. Those custom skins with custom modelling were released within the same time frame these new ones will be. If you are disappointed then you need to have a look at your expectations and lower them, HHG have gone out of their way to give the community what they have been asking for, it is rude and disrespectful to ask for more on top of what has been given. Designers take their time to work on these things and they are real people just like you, asking more of them is unrealistic and unfair. Just some food for thought.


Sorry, is this a game?

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Please @Draco, they are doing as much as they can to support their own game. as @Gale has mentioned, they are taking a lot of time and effort in order to bring as much as they can to the community, also quoting from Gale, “Look at your expectations and lower them.”

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i agree with @CorruptedSpirit and @Gale . and also please keep in mind that Hotheads doesn’t have 1 game only… They have many games to look into also, thus, giving us this kind of update and improvements is already taking a huge time on them. Not just time but also mind. That’s why we should not let our expectations go very high which may lead you to sudden breakdown when it didn’t meet to what you supposed to expect.

Just think of this as another feature, a huge feature that may change the game’s coding set-up due to this new update to the in-game, which may affect other game modes when coded wrongly… :slight_smile:


War Tokens: I was looking through all gear green through platinum which gives better return in war tokens when exchanged.
I have all characters platinum, this might not be the why, which limit me to crafting gear worth more war tokens.

  • When converting gear to token’s it would be nice to click on gear directing where to craft.
  • I am experiencing having a hard time to converting enough gear into tokens.
    Thanks -J