It's unbelievable that the devs stay silent while their game is in flames

HHG, look around. People are unhappy and they are leaving. My personal daily playtime is around 25% what it was two months ago, and it’s blindingly obvious that I’m not alone. The failure to address flagrant problems in balance has nearly ruined the game entirely. The short-term cash-grabs of new overpowered heroes are done at the expense of the longevity of the game. This game is on its way out and the devs are the ones causing it to die. And they refuse to say ANYTHING about their shortcomings and the unhappiness of the community. If there isn’t a major overhaul in the next few weeks, I’m done.


I know that this is a doom and gloom post, but I agree about them being too silent and churning too much cash-grabs.

(And they nerfed gammond again haha)

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Last month’s Panzer craze was bad but now most teams have two or more healers. And if you don’t have Dogface at that moment you loose. There are too few winning combinations at this moment. It’s all down to a few killer combo’s.

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Ugh. Not to mention the gameplay issues, there are UI issues too like buttons disappearing, frequent desync , pvp result dialog of previous, etc. This game is inching closer and closer to my app graveyard.

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Last month, I got ALL the energy freebies from connecting at certain hours.

This week, so far, I only got 2. And I don’t really care. It’s a shame a game I really loved is getting worse and worse every patch.

I know there are people who think this update made the game better. They are free to think that way. But personally, every patch makes me like this game less and less :confused:

Bad matchmaking, gamebreaking bugs, releasing untested heroes that are a must to play PvP, the lack of hotfixes when there is something really senseless, like Oracle’s plat activating for the whole match.

They took FOUR MONTHS to fix Heimlock’s sterilize. And that’s a somewhat minor bug. I don’t understand how a gamebreaking bug like Oracle’s, or Halo’s plat activating with damage on hit skills took one and two months to be fixed, respectively.

Im sorry for ranting, but I’m really frustrated, because Resurrection has been bugged since Flatline came, and now we got another hero who can resurrect without even fixing the mechanic on the first place…


I fully agree to all posts above, how could the game I loved take this disastrous downward turn with updates which should be more content and improvements ending up in ruining the core of the game - PvP??? I’m very concerned nothing will happen until next update which I honestly don’t have high hopes for now looking at the direction last 2 updates have given us, and with more and more players getting Ifrit plat the next few weeks will just be a pain…

PS: I just wasted 3 minutes of my life playing a PvP match at 62k were I killed the opponents Flatline, Ifrit & Nightingale a total of 8 times but last second the dead heros got a revive, reward zero nada nill nothing - frustration 100 :nauseated_face:


I don’t understand why we don’t get a spotlight like we did with Oracle, that way we all see what the problem is with a hero.

So we can send some feedback and actually see if there’s a problem, all of us can test more then a few developers.

Even though Oracle also took a month and still has a platinum bug


A lot of us saw that Oracle was bugged during the spotlight and she still got released with said bug.

A spotlight event is useless is they are not going to act according to the feedback received :confused:


I agree with what is being commonly said. I don’t understand why release a hero that is overpowered (panzer before patch) or would make a particular combo indestructible (ifrit plat and flatline).

Here are few ideas for improvisation:

  1. Take time to make and bake new hero (release every 2 months), there is nothing wrong with faction being featured for 2 months. Maybe try them out yourself in Devastation before releasing and that could be first look of hero for us as well.
  2. PVP game take 2x-3x time and its time to change reward. Maybe killing opponent hero gives you 20 pvp gems/hero regardless of win but you get additional 100 gems for winning game.
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That’s right! They really should use the spotlight to test drive updates. They already have the tool. If they don’t have the time to test out heroes then just use the damn thing. They can save the stats and make a plenty good analytics on how something performs.

Heck, they should’ve implemented two pvp modes. One new, one old. Since we have two pvp resets a day, they could have alternated between the two versions. They already have brawls which feature modified stats, I don’t see why this would be any harder. By doing two pvp modes, they can clearly see if players are playing the new implementation. Then they can do continuous iterations to the new pvp mode until players migrate to it.

Mmmm… I don’t think playing two different patches at the same time would be a good idea.

New players could be really confused about why a hero is way stronger in one PvP mode than the other. And a game has to advance. There is no point in creating a patch if you allow people to play the old one.


I like your ideas and LOL’d while thinking about giving gems for kills regardless of rez. A lot of us would be getting 140-200 gems while still losing. 8 kills for victory and 6 kills, but still lost, is my current record in the current rez fest. Show me the gems baby!

I agree to some extent with some of your points… but nor your title. The devs are listening loud and clear whether it be here, the discord, or in game.If you would like to interact and talk with them, go ahead and join the discord. Please do not completely bash the devs, give them fair criticism. They’re usually on 11am PST, so go join and see if they’re on and talk with them.

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I am fine with patches having bugs, or some characters coming out of the gate being OP. The devs are human after all.

My issue is how they seemingly refuse to make changes in a timely manner. When the community as a whole agrees something need to be fixed, it should be done immediately. Panzer should have had her damage nerfed after a few days, maybe a week tops. Not after a month. Ifrit should have some sort of cool down or max revives on his plat skill by early next week or the end of this week.

These are big issues and the longer the developers wait, the more upset the community gets. It should not take a month to correct something that is collectively viewed as broken.

Oh, by the way. Ifrit can only revive people if they didn’t kill someone. But if they killed someone and got revived by Flatline, this counter seems to reset, and Ifrit can revive them again. Such a well thought combo. Just discovered this after killing like 12 heroes in the same match . Ended 0-5 for them, obviously :smiley:

Sometimes I wonder if they even test skills interactions. I still remember when Caine counter measures activated with self damage skills (like Moss’ transfusion), damaging and silencing Moss, and then damaging and silencing Caine himsel if a second charge was available

I do not doubt that these broken heroes make PvP an unejoyable experience, but in their defense its hard to get updates out. Apple is a huge female dog about update requirements and check ups so its hard to get updates out, usually limiting update to once a month.

We did survive panzer month so this should be fine as well, but they should strive in the future to try to prevent this from happening.

C’mon, if every hero that is released is bugged, OP, or F-Tier, it’s TOTALLY on the devs shoulders. Maybe if you can’t properly play test a new character to help ensure he/she doesn’t break the game in a glaringly obvious way, you should, ya know STOP RELEASING ONE OR MORE HEROES EVERY MONTH. Because the community instantly recognized the potential Ifrit/Flatline implications just from reading the freaking skill descriptions. It’s absurd.


Ya, it’s hard to cut the devs slack when they release a character like Panzer who instantly starts with a 100k+ mechanical dmg skill, has a fully loaded 20 shell shotgun, AND does several thousand extra mechanical damage per shot in the first 30 seconds.

Any two of those things would be incredibly powerful, but all three??

There are already different PVP modes such as brawls, keeping the old PVP would just appear as a different game mode. Eventually the bugs and balance on PVP v2 would be worked out and it will become a better experience than the old. But right now, this is garbage time.

Yes a game has to advance, but you cannot break the game while doing so.

LOL I always see this apple update excuse. It’s literally everywhere to excuse the incompetencies of devs.

If it is so hard to update because of apple and google, then they should spend more time doing pretesting, public testing etc behind the scenes.