Individual Bounty Rewards

Good Morning/Evening All,

Just wanted to drop a rewards suggestion to better recognize individual performance in bounty. Overall I think the system is working well, but I believe an individual reward tier could result in more incentive to participate and bring a refreshing change to the bounty event. I’m not asking we receive insanely awesome rewards but similar to our PVP blitz where you give individual rewards and then you also give alliance rank rewards.

Something as simple as:
100M – 100 stamina
250M – 1,000 alliance gems (insert any gem)
500M – 25 gold
1 Bil – 50 gold and 25 uni frags

Note: these are all hypothetical and can be interchanged with any reward.

I believe this will increase bounty participation and create a stronger incentive for everyone to join in.

The perks for hero hunter developers:
If you make the individual rewards exciting enough, you should have an increase in people utilizing their recharges. Thus, more people will be willing to purchase your recharge bundles.

Just thought I would offer this out there as a suggestion. Overall, love the game!!!


While I understand the sentiment, I’m not sure I like this.

I really appreciate that there is a distinction between Solo events and Alliance events in this game. If an event is alliance-based, then I don’t think it makes sense to pay out individual rewards like this. It would take away from the “We’re all in this together; we win as a team, we lose as a team” element.

For any alliance-based event, the rewards should be strictly alliance-wide.

I’d have to disagree it would make it more competitive and make players want to achieve for the top spot make it more fun

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I like this idea. One of the bigger complaints I see is bounty rewards not being worth the time involved. This would help to rectify that. Plus adding a personal reward system would create a bigger incentive to do more than the alliances bare minimum requirements. Once you hit tier 1 and hit your mins, bounty is usually just a waste a time unless your pushing for a certain rank. This could change that as well.

Even just a reward system based on rank in your own alliance could be interesting.

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Hmm… I thinks its a good idea, as long as the rewards don’t top the alliance awards. Gold would be nice, but as an alliance reward. Though to be honest my only problem with bounty is the crashes every 5 or so bounties :stuck_out_tongue:

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