Make bounty rewards great again!

Bounty has always been great and still is. Lol Its what keeps many of us playing after all these years. What im asking is simple. We need higher milestone tiers for the players grinding for the top. Keep the rewards the same as it is now. The lower players will still have the same outcome and will not miss out. All im asking is to add higher tiers to the milestone system and compensate the ones that are putting in major effort. By adding higher milestones to the set that is already in place you will cater to EVERY player that takes part in bounty events.
HH has already tried this for a bounty. It was great to see the extra competition. The rewards were not great but the challenge was accepted by many.
So lets make this happen deca! :slightly_smiling_face:


The action HHG did was a good idea. But spreading the same rewards over more tiers makes them measly for the effort you’d put in. Your alliance would have to do 4x the effort for the same rewards. That is honestly the most absurd thing in HH history.
If we get more tierd we definitely need a consistency of good stuff. We need ruby 7 cores at the end, ruby 6, 5 and so on. And especially plat 6 and 5 cores because they also take months to make. It is ridiculous to grind months for litteraly one of many items just to upgrade one hero, we high level players need stuff to keep us busy too


It’s a very bad idea. Plus this is was already realised and got very awful feedback from players community. Bounty is pretty boring at this moment. You literally waste your life for nothing. For high-end players this is don’t give any challenge – you kill target from first try and target don’t have possibility to kill anyone. If someone try got many points then needed – this is their problems. Bounty event don’t become more interesting if you will kill helpless dummies all weekend. So why regular peoples must suffer because bunch of nolifers wanna flex? This mode need global restructurisation. Why original Bounty was awesome? 1) Bosses was really dangerous. You was needed play smart and assemble right teams for success. 2) Event was pretty fast. Whole roster with all heart tries completed during 20-30 minutes. Manually. This was amazing! I really love this mode before. Now you need 1-1,5 hour for half of roster. If you school kid without friends or you don’t have job and family this may be good for you, but if you adult with wife, kids and 5/2 job waste whole weekend in mobile game is ridiculous. Each day have 8 resets (3 hours for restoring of 3 hearts). So you literally need live in game without eating, sleeping, hygiene, etc. When is torture become fun, lol?

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Torture becomes fun when you overcome everything you just said. Lol funny. Im a man with a wife and kids and a full time job as a auto tech yet i still clear 15 bill without killing my weekend. Its called managing your free time. So the waste your time point is not valid. Bounty is about the grind. Not about difficulty. Thats why we have extreme and pvp. Thats not why we are here. We are here to simply add milestones to a system already in place. Milestones that will only effect the players that want to waste more time then others. :slight_smile:

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I think it will be better to add platinum mk5 and mk6 cores to existing milestone 1 rewards. Milestone 1 rewards are 10times bad than milestone 2 rewards. So adding mk5 and mk6 platinum core will be excellent. And I would suggest deca to add an additional tier/milestone to existing ones in which there are Ruby cores like 5,6,7 which are very hard to grind. As it will contains rare cores so it’s should be difficult to get. This way bounty will be good for both high and low level players.

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Grind never fun, lol. Plus you forgot about what Hero Hunters it’s game with wide auditory and not all player live in modern civilization countries. So your 5/2 work and their 5/2 work it’s very different. Also excited many IRL issues which don’t cure with time management. And they have equal rights to play in Hero Hunters like you.

Btw, Hero Hunters is your only one entertainment, lol? Just download another game. Diablo Immortal is waiting for you and your time for grind. Or start read books. Any parallel hobby decide problem with free time. Also I never heard about women with kids which like when their husbands play in mobile games all weekend. Even advertisement videos of many current modern mobile games talk about that and promise gameplay which don’t need grind and hours of your personal time.

If you wanna flex with someone like you – just do it between yourself. Make screenshots or try race in leaderboard. Why all others must suffer from your boring? Who are you?

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Perhaps add an extra 10’mw tokens to tier 1, or maybe 5 extra tokens for tier 1, and another 5 for allaince rank?

How about change of equipment too? Current rewards stay with non actual ones – we need gold armor, gold bullets, gold belts, etc. Platinum katanas, platinum power elements, platinum armor, etc. Lol, I will glad to see even green gauntlets. Those equipments what rewards include now was actual during 2018-2019 when peoples was transferred from gold 4 bars to platinum.

Just because you dislike the idea of more tiers doesn’t mean you personally would have to grind for them if added. Same as how your not required to play bounty at all if you don’t want to. :man_shrugging:t2::+1:t2:

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Are you understand what Bounty event it’s not not solo play, lol? If you stay in competitive live Alliance you MUST do some fixed limits. Or Alliance start die and your personal account progress start slow. I repeat – new milestones already was added when DECA begin transfer of Hero Hunters from HotHead. And this was terrible. Only five alliance from whole WORLD may got new milestones. So why thousands players must suffer because 125 peoples don’t know how spend their free time? And why this peoples cry about new milestones instead ask change of rewards for top 1 and top 5 in global leaderboard?

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I don’t think you understand what was being suggested. Adding more milestones with more rewards, wouldn’t make any players suffer. In fact it would encourage more play if players really wanted the rewards offered.

I’m not talking about stretching out the current ones like HHG tried to do before, as that was just flat out wrong. Lol. What was suggested above was adding new rewards that would be worth the grind. If you don’t want to grind for it, you wouldn’t have to and you would still get the normal rewards we’ve had.

But anyways, I’m not looking to argue or debate it so I’ll end it with this. :wave:t2:

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I love how you assume. Lol Free time is exactly that. Free time. How anyone spends it really isnt up for your opinion. Small minded outlook if you ask me. Lol
As for the milestones. Sounds like your just gonna be envious of the ones that are able to achieve them. The ones that put that FREE TIME into creating a monster account for 4 years. Who am i? Im one of them and to tell you the truth this isnt the only game that i play. Some of us can actually do more then one thing at a time at any given moment. Its called multitasking and its been around for ages.
Like jado said. It wont hurt a thing. It wont effect other players and will give the selected few something more to shoot for. The prizes themselves are not what players like me want. We want higher goals and competition. Anything deca can do to promote those two things will only have a positive effect on the game. Well envious minds aside of coarse. Lol

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Make bounty great again!

New tiers sound nice, but let’s be honest they would make things harder for all players. Many alliances would increase their minimum to reach the final tiers.

I never envy to anyone during all my life. Because this is totally don’t have a sense. You hear only himself. And you are totally don’t understand what except you in this world live other peoples. This is real small mind. I will ask you again – who are you what change with your childish wishes lives of HH gamers? Instead make of bravada words on public how great you are start working on your PVP skill. I remember you during all this years and one thing what you may do really awesome it’s die or panic.

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After new milestones all alliances change their limits. Yeah, this is force peoples play more, but you forget what not all wanna do that and many just leave this game and many alliances will disbanded. Hero Hunters have a serious problems right now, we lost players who sick & tired from routine and lack of new content. IMHO, we need not new milestones which don’t change anything and Bounty don’t become more fun, but something reworks wich bring new real interest from players without any forcing. For example – personal rewards for defeated targets, wanted list of personal and alliance goals during all event (kill fixed characters, kill amount targets of various cost, kill target with coop, etc), try variants with limited roster or make all heroes in roster gold or platinum (like in duel mode), add world bosses for Alliance and for common servers. If you forcing someone do something this is not good, if you separated community with unreachable things this is not good too. Ideal variant when players have play because this is fun and interesting in process, not only in rewards.

Doesnt make sense to you! Lets make that clear. Lol i already told you who I was and why i asked to ADD not change the bounty reward system. The only thing that will change is the top power level will get more competition. Competition that is needed. I can tell by the way you represent yourself that you dont speak from that point of view.

Die and panic? Really? Why cuss i was simply adding in that post that hate wasnt the source of the issue. Its what people are seeing. But thanx for reading i guess. Even if you always miss the point of the post. Haha
You have yourself a good day bro. Im done with your nonsense. :wink:

I touch 1 bounty & claim all rewards.
I think my time management is ok.


Someone here is strongly entitled to their opinion lol (not you) I fully agree with you King

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