Bounty rewards

Lately I’ve been bothered with the bounty

It started feeling like a chore the past few ones, but right now I’m way to bored to engage them, after the 30k it’s just kinda feels like a useless grind for a little bit of rewards.

We hit 30k in 1 day, and I know there are others who did the same a few hours later, and a lot that did that even faster.

Right now we grind hours a day to stay top 50, whilst the rewards aren’t that much better then top 100.

The time we all put in would probably be of better use of we completely stop the grind after 30k and would focus on pvp.

I really liked the idea of the bounty in the beginning, a team effort, awsome to see us fight together to finish the job, but right now I’m actually done after 1 day with this because of the little value it offers when we reached the last milestone.

I still fight them to help our lower guys to get a few more fragments but I noticed that I went from 800 million in one day to 500 million the second one and now I’m way to busy to even drop my energy on auto cause I have work to do that feels more useful then 15 frags for an other few hours of grinding.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the idea of the bounty, but the problem is everyone’s growing power so it feels useless for our guys after the last milestone that a lot of alliances reach in a day and even more the second day.

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I get the feeling bounty should give some kind of personal reward based on contribution. Even if it is just bucks. Something to make it worth it for you personally to do damage.

Some people seem to relax too much when all the milestones are cleared (as a result of what you already stated, the rewards/effort makes ain’t really worth it).

This is interesting.
If the top rewards are not worth the chore / struggle, then why put that much work into obtaining them? Maybe I will understand that better when me myself is “up there”.
You are both welcome to my alliance and help us push the last few thousands points needed for the top-milestone. :slight_smile:

Agree with GTSaiko on the personal reward given the amount of effort put in by some people to push their alliances up the leaderboard.

Also, would love to see the stamina recharge changed in a way that does not require us to log in at least once every 3 hours to do our maximum potential. Either slower recharge, or increase max stamina. I think being able to log in every 6 hours to take advantage of all our stamina is more reasonable.

More stamina would mean we even have put in more effort, if you have 6 viable teams(2x bio, mech, energy) you can do 18 attacks every 3 hours.

If you are awake for 12 hours
Your energy will reset 4 times and you have then one when you woke up

18x1.5= 27 minutes for every 3 hours of bounty
27x5x3/60 = 6.75 hours in a weekend

Considering there are other things to do in this game and outside of this game (work, projects, school, family, practically anything) it starts feeling to much.

If I fight 15 PvP matches I almost get the same reward as the jump from top 100 to top 50, so stating that, the effort of the fight seems to much after 30k milestone.

Adding more stamina wouldn’t make this more fun, and to reduce the recharge would mean it’s to hard to kill the bounties off.

I’m not sure where your logic is coming from. More (maximum) stamina wouldn’t change a single thing except let us take longer breaks between using up all our stamina.

Using your same example, if we have 6 max stamina, you can still do 18 attacks every 3 hours if you want and lose or gain nothing.

Or, we can do 36 attacks every 6 hours, allowing us MORE TIME in between to do other stuff “outside of this game,” as you rightly emphasize. You and I ironically want the same thing - I want more time to do stuff outside of the game. I don’t want to feel like I have to log in EVERY three hours to do bounties.

Also, why would reducing the recharge make it harder to kill bounties? Are you talking about killing off ALL the bounties that pop up on your list or killing off bounties that you start attacking? It won’t make it any harder to kill off bounties that we start attacking cause we’d still have 3 max stamina - so if you wait until all 3 stamina are recharged you still have 3 rounds to kill the bounty. It will make it harder to kill ALL bounties and do more total damage, but ALL alliances would be affected equally by this so it will have no effect on the rank rewards, though the milestone markers will have to be reduced to compensate.

Edit: maybe you got confused and thought I was arguing for more stamina recharged per hour - I am most definitely emphatically NOT asking for that.

Reducing the stamina recharge would reduce the amount of time you need to invest in this event, while keeping your alliance rank around the same (since, as Skoram stated, every alliance would be affected by this), and would increase the coordination needed between members of an alliance to kill the most important bounties, so it would make this event more team-oriented.

Said that, I’m okay with the way stamina works currently. I just think that, as you pointed in your initial message, it’s not worth it to chase after next tier rewards.

But we are not counting that those rewards are for each members. So yeah, you could go PvP and get the same reward you would have got if you pushed harder, but the difference from one tier to other is not 15 universal frags, its 15x25 = 375 frags.

If they increase the rewards for each tier, the distance between different alliances will grow larger and larger. Thats why I personally think some personal reward, totally unrelated to alliance position, would be the best solution to incentive player activity in this event.

Ok misinterpreted you on that one.

But let’s get back on topic.

I still think 6.75 hours using for only 6 teams is a lot.
Keep in mind that I left out loading times, crashes, selecting hero’s, picking a bounty, communication etc.

So using more teams and all those other factors that also come with it it’s probably a double amount of the 6.75 hours I used in the math.

And that is just for a normal contribution

I’m kinda OCD on that one and to competitive to let it slide but I’m losing interest in the bounty which is kinda hard to do since it’s a team effort

But everyone coud go to PvP and get some reards there. So you cant count it like that.

I agree that it gets useless to work your ass of, after you secured the top 100. Even the top 50 isnt that hard to obtain for a good ally.

But thats a problem every game has whean you hit the end game. Its not realy rewarding anymore. Thats why I dont cash, because even 15 frags are something to work for, if you open chests just once or twice a month.

Like @WalleWu said, if a whole alliance fights 15 PvP matches it’s almost the same reward, but not the same hours long grind, besides the rewards, the time spent is even a bigger problem, and to be honest I have nu fun in it.

So the final conclusion, it’s so much grinding for little extra rewards which is boring and no fun, a game should be fun

Thanks for all the feedback! We’ll take some time to digest this and maybe you’ll see some changes in future Bounties. Please keep the feedback coming!


I dont know which items wil be avaliable in the Area 10 Missions, but you could may reward some of the rarer platinum items at the top ranks.

That wouldnt change the balance to much. Most players outside of the top 50 allys dont need them and the end game players would be motivated, because its hard to get them somewhere else.

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When the game first launched, the first bounty i was apart of we came in the top 25 as an alliance and never hit 30k, only like the top 5 teams got all the rewards. Think it just needs to be updated based on the current state of the game. Increase the rewards payed out per tier and maybe increase the final goal by 1k for each level that is introduced each patch (it was 30k when we capped at 50, make it 50k for the upcoming patch where we are now at a lvl 70 cap.)

From a balancing perspective, what is more important to your Alliances: Getting all the rewards? Or, being in the top performing Alliances?

At least from my alliances perspective, ranks 23-26 are all extremely close the last few events and we have had to continue a grind to make it in that top 25 division, so we are usually playing to better our rank as best we can. After 26 there becomes a huge gap in points because alliances understand they are not going to get that next tier plus they already finished all the point based rewards. Same thing happens from ranks 6-20, if you are 10k points from the next reward tier but are the same amount from falling out of the current one, there’s no incentive for anyone to continue to play.

Unless the alliance is usually hovering around the split between awards, completing all the point rewards is the only thing to grind for. Maybe for some teams that don’t have that pressure at the end they have the opportunity to continue to get rewards based on their total points. (Every 10 or 15k points past the top rank rewards additional rewards that build up depending on how many times you hit it. Start out small and continue to be bigger depending on how much effort your alliances continues to put in.)

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We ended 48, but we all agreed up to put in minimal effort to make sure we did that, it would really help to get us going beyond this.

if we can get the millstones up, we all would have to put in more effort, I ended with 1.7~ could have hit 2.9~ but didn’t feel like it cause after one day of grinding the rewards weren’t that much better, PvP seemed better to put our time in then fight the bounty.

Since top 100 is 14k beyond the last milestone (half of the last milestone) we need to address this problem.

Sorry @GTSaiko this is what I tried to make clear in my forum post crying/complaining/being annoying but we need a boost to make this a bit more fun again, right now we fight for the top to get 15 more fragments.

I really love this game, I like the developers they really put in a big effort to respond and they bring out great updates we all love(guys we got so many fragments last month with new coops and raids) the problem I have is to put back the fun into bounties for alle the top 100 Alliances, probably the top 200 with our growing power, which would mean 5000 players

Please be constructive I want a good discussion going

Sorry for what? I totally agree with you that this event needs something to encourage people playing it. Once you get all milestones, the effort-reward relation drops dramatically. 15 universal frags is not good enough for such a demanding event.

I just think that some kind of personal reward for damage done (bucks, gear, I don’t really know) would be better than increasing tier rewards. But thats just my opinion. I would welcome any change

I like the idea of a separate solo event that gives milestone rewards based on total damage dealt.

Potential Milestones:

1 Bill
1.5 Bill
2 Bill
3 Bill
5 Bill

(Not sure more than 5 Bill would even be attainable for anyone that’s not in the top 1%, but just throwing some suggestions out).

Poobgloob, I like this idea but there is one potential negative side effect that could result:

Quite often, as you yourself may have experienced, bounties are left with just a few hit points after a round. This may not be a big deal unless the bounty requires a featured hero. In this case alliance members will often sacrifice their own damage (for example, in this past bounty I could do more than 20 million damage in a single round with my Caine team, but finished off a few bounties doing less than 1 million) for the greater good of the alliance.

If there were these kind of fixed personal milestones then people would be much less inclined to do that. On the other hand, I do agree that personal contribution rewards would be a good addition. I’m not sure if there is a way to address both issues. Perhaps rewards based on individual ranking would decrease the chances of this happening? Then again, those in weak alliances would have a much easier time getting these rewards than those in very strong alliances … hmmm

Your question is a bit unclear. Do you mean if we care about the placement, or abut the rewards weg get for this placement? I will answer to both.

For me its the rewards. Sure I woul like to finish first, but if I get the same rewards beeing placed 99th or first, i wouldnt realy care about beeing on the top.

For the rewards its like Kraterios said. After getting the 30k points, the balance between effort and reward, doesnt match. The difference between goin casually and realy putting effort into it are 15 fragments and 500 to 1500 ally jewels (I just named the rewards that really matter). But you have to work hours and hours for it. Like Kraterios said, if you are good at pvp, you will get much higher reward in that mode, in the same time.