Infilitrate perk

I thought the sabotague lasted 2-3 hours before they could build the perk again… i see them building it 10 minutes later. What? Its completely useless if you cant get at least an hour out of it. I thought it use to last longer. Its only value is to drain war coins

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Yeah, there’s no question that this is the case. Surprise attack and infiltrator exist only to drain resources. AW would be infinitely better without them.

Alliance wars were amazing before surprise attack came along. Its still better with the nerf, but we just had a hard war with 2 alliances being the same, example : joes 1 and joes 2. joes 1 broke the truce with us and stabbed us in the back, when we recovered from it and started beating them, joes 2 started surprise attacking us from clear across the map to cut us off. Still almost beat both of them, but we did beat joes 1… lol. Moral of the story infilitrate wasnt working right!! To actually stop the surprise attacks