Who wants to see "trading" go away?

I’m absolutely frustrated with trading. It is a source of frustration, aggravation and annoyance on a daily basis. Directed both at my alliance and the game itself for making the concept. Yes, I don’t have to do it, but if I want to maximize my fragments, I have to.

I’d love to see trading go away in its current form.

Anyone else feel this way? Does anyone have any suggestions to make this better and less frustrating?

What else would you prefer how else would people get the new hero?

Well you can’t just destroy a requirement that people rely on to get all the loot, well I mean that it isn’t that hard to do a trade, but the people not keeping their word is the issue

You could easily give every player a maximum of two plays per helios map per day like we do now, except every player automatically gets the 2 plays. You aren’t depending on asking people if they have any trades available. No more begging for a trade, trades should be deleted forever. You can help everyone out and play it more than 2 times, but you won’t get frags after 2 plays, you’ll get cash, or grenades or some war cash.

The current way limits you to:
Are they on when you’re on?
Have they used up their trades?
Do they have time to trade all?
IF you would rather trade later on in the evening, you’re beat because your pool of players with trades is small.
Does a large majority of your alliance even trade daily?

Majority of all of my alliance members are available for trades or are generous and give them away in chat. Maybe time for a better alliance?

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Is trading an actual game feature? No. What do you expect the game to do? “No socialising!” is what you want? Delete the invite player option so it becomes a purely solo endeavour? Make both players SHARE the same limit regardless of who initiated it?

Really this just hurts the players at the expense of your selfish desire stemming from your own laziness. You’re the kind of person who wants the world to burn and thinks the world revolves around you.

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I suggest a trade partner. Set up a daily trade with the same player. Pick someone that has a similar timezone and plays daily so its easier to get done. This is the easiest way to get trades daily in my opinion. I have the same trade with the same player for over a year now.


It sucks when you don’t have reliable people to play with. The ability to share a win with a player is a way to encourage players to make new contacts through co-op, provide value for Alliances, and reduce matchmaking time for you while helping our servers. Playing with the same person a few times in a row means you don’t need to search for a new comrade as often, and it’s easier for us to put you back into a game.

A better Alliance might help!

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Sometimes you like the people in your alliance, despite it not being the best fit for you. A better alliance would most likely help my situation a lot, but I’m really disappointed a dev weighed in with that response because it’s the easy way out.

It says to me, I understand that trading can be a pita, and there are better ways to do trades, but your daily frustration with our game and your daily annoyances with our game are legitimate, but we blame your alliance and lack of friends.

to SSS

no one said no socializing, but spamming some form of “anyone here to trade?” 5-6 times a day is #&)*(&#)*(&)#(*)( ANNOYING and incredibly frustrating.

If spamming trade in your alliance window is socializing to you, then maybe you’re doing it wrong. You already SHARE the SAME LIMIT with trading, its just that you have to find the person that hasn’t shared that experience with someone that day. Why can’t I be the guy that is always on and always helpful and shares that experience with 15 of my members a day? That’s a pretty awesome teammate right? Except that role as a player is not wanted with the current trade system because he already traded away his frags to someone else, so 14 other members have to “go fish.”

as for your second paragraph, you are severely wrong.

You wanted trading to go away in its current form. Meaning no trading because you struggle to get a partner. You acknowledged that it’s an optional thing yet you want it scrapped because you personally face difficulties and want no one else to reap the benefits and get ahead while you can’t.

I’m pretty sure that describes a guy who thinks the world revolves around him. “If i can’t enjoy the system, nobody can. Even though I know it’s optional, instead of simply not doing the frustrating thing I am complaining about, I shall advocate to scrap the system and ruin it for everyone else instead.”


So if you dont have any problems, everyone else must be fine as well. Maybe 90% of this game thinks it’s annoying and thats exactly how you don’t want people to think of your product.

that Idea I had ruined nothing. You would get the exact same amount of frags as you do now plus more rewards

I’m down for downsizing GW into just 1 run a piece…2 w/ trade and compact rewards. Why is there 3 of them to begin with?? Not sure if I missed something in past forums…is it for just the PVE crowd ? 6 a day of any co op can get boring.

I don’t understand why this has to get so heated.

@Kegman913, if you can’t find anyone to play with, you can use the auto match system if you want. However, that would only get you 1 win because currently, both players matching with each other use up their win to enter into an auto-matched game.

The solution may be to build a feature for this situation (where both players have already used their win to enter auto-match) such that at the mission complete screen, the game invites both players to play 1 more match together. Both players must accept, otherwise the next match does not go on and each player would have already used up their 1 win for the day.

Eveyone else slamming @Kegman913, pls try to be constructive at least. @Muninn saying “a better alliance might help” doesn’t really come across very well, perhaps you could have said something less hurtful to him and his alliance like “from our data it appears that there are many alliances where this isn’t an issue and you may want to consider joining those”, or something like that! Just a suggestion ofc.

I just want to trade coops without having to add as a friend first.

click name in chat>invite to coop>choose coop mission (lv 90, lv 70, gorgon, dojo etc)

Would save a whole bunch of effort

I think what he said is, that he wants more fragments for doing one coop. He doesn’t want to do the coop twice. He wants 8 fragments (for level 90) just by doing one coop instead of two.

He thinks, uhhmm something maybe like… why I must do this 2x. It’s the same game mode, and I must do it twice in a row. Doing it 2x just waste my time. But he must do it to get more fragments. So it is just… I hate it but I must do it :sweat_smile:
Well… I think I have the same situation here to be honest… :grimacing:

My suggestion is don’t let something so trivial frustrate you. There are over 20,000 people playing this game. It’s sad and embarrassing for you that you can’t find even one friend to be a coop partner. There are plenty of single player games available if socialization frustrates you.

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No I said nothing of getting more fragments for less work. I actually said the opposite because I would love to play and help more people out, but I’m limited to only helping people once a day with an equal trade. And finding those people with an eligable trade is a nightmare

You are right, my alliance is half the problem in finding a co-op partner, but that doesn’t mean the system is good to begin with.

Never go into business with a model that aggravates people daily. It can be better.

Find better friends and stay out of the VIP chat. There are two lengthy sections of time each day that trade requests aren’t spamming the chat. Be easy man, it’s for entertainment