Why a Trading System would be beneficial to Hero Hunters

A Trading System would be a great addition to this game. The Random Loot that causes demand for even some 3-star characters, The evolution system, and the Heronium store, are perfect reasons why a Trading system would let different levels of players get what they want from other players.

Random Loot:

Since the crates are random everyone has different characters. This means that a Level 2 can have a Chesterfield and a level 75 could possibly not have a Chesterfield. Many players are on a quest to get/max out all the heroes and Trading would be a great way to achieve this. The higher level player can trade items, skill points, energy bucks literally anything in their possession for the Chesterfield to complete their collection. Or if a Mid-Game player wants a hero crate exclusive character like Ifrit, they could trade with another player.

The Evolution System:

Everyone knows that you need a crazy amount of frags to get a 10-star hero. For people that want to progress quickly it’s not ideal to farm the stores or quick play the hard mission (Or not even able to get them because the hero is a hero crate exclusive) the trading system would be perfect. These players could trade heroes they own or other items of importance for the hero they want fragments for.

The Heronium Store:

A lot of the Hero Hunters community is kept out of the Heronium store because of its expensive need of a 10-star hero. Many of us simply don’t have the resources or time to achieve that in the near future because of how demanding it is. These players can trade with higher level players with multiple 10-star heroes or a player with the same hero that you want to get to 10 stars.

Some Potential Problems and How to Fix Them:
One main problem that always happens with trading is scamming. No matter how secure the system, there are always some cases of scamming. Some ways to prevent this is to have a value meter. It takes a valuation of the items each person is offering. Some simpler things are is to have a pop up confirming the deal and a 10-second phase to cancel the deal after accepting it. We all know that HotHead is here to make money so trading doesn’t have to be 100% free (I have to please both parties lol). It could cost 100 gold or so from each trader. If they want to milk us a bit more they can make it a VIP 1 feature.

Overall, Trading would be a great feature to add to Hero Hunters because it would enable the player base to access the Heronium store a bit easier, allow gaining hero fragments more convenient, and it will also work with the random loot tables perfectly.

Side thought:
I thought about this after writing the entire thing so I’m going to add it here: It will also help people that need to promote their characters to different ranks (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) because a common problem is that people run out of energy and can’t play mission anymore. The trading system will act as a workaround because these players can trade for the things they need to promote their heroes.

This could just break the whole system, the ehronium store is exclusively those who are dedicated and managed to grind for frags. Then coop trading is all on the player’s fault, Just trade with the alliance. The system seperates the powerful player from the other players. Earn the power and materials yourself is the way to seperae the dedicated from the other players

all i can see if that happens is, a lot of smurf accounts or farmer accounts just for one person

I’ll add that to possible issues. A simple fix would be you have to reach a certain threshold to be able to trade with others. Or an IP address based block which would make it nearly impossible to happen

The based idea is good but the problems come with it is very bad

IP address: I’m already seen that kind of method several occasion and people still could find a way to slip through that. But it could be work because i don’t know what kind of tech or method you using to block IP address

Threshold: Once again, seen it before. People just overcome that threshold (more than 10-20 high level farmer accounts, seriously some peoples are just crazy)

don’t get me wrong, i want to this idea to be implemented but the problems still

This seems convoluted and open to exploitation for comparatively little benefit.
What I can see happening instead is anmore classical solution: i.e. that all items have a value (could be in cash, gold or an intermediate currency). If you want to buy it, you pay 1.2x that value, if you want to sell it, you pay 0.8x of that value.

All heroes except for Brogan are available through raids or shops. You do not have to pay a dime to get all heroes, just need patience.
If you want 10* heroes you should focus on the ones available in the pvp store. Take for example Ghoul. You can get frags in the hard mode and the pvp store. Without resetting the store you get 14 frags each day in average. Adding the ones you get from the pvp store, you will have him on 10* in about 4 month. Since a 10* hero is the absolute high you can get it is a short way to go compared to most other freemium games.

A store like this would only benefit the new ones, while the old player feel ripped of. They have put much effort and often money into the game to get where they are now. They are already slowed down by the heronium store, while it makes it easier to close the gap for new players. The recent changes in upgrading benefits the new players too, while the top players do not have a great advantage from it.

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