Alliance Level System

As the game is getting more and more unpopular due to the repetitive content providing month after month. This can be a boon for the game


Alliances will be given levels according to the missions the members pass and contribute to alliance points . The levels can be from 1-10. Now for the missions will depend on alliance power. Higher the power, tougher the mission , better are the rewards. So what’s next !
The missions that each player contribute , they will get alliance gems or bucks or any rewards once hitting the milestone . Now for low players who find heroes upgrading a struggle, frags donation system can be introduced.


In this system , for each 1*/2*/3* hero , one can get only 10 frags each day . For 4* hero 8 stars can be taken , for 5* heroes 5 frags will be taken and for 7* heroes 3 frags will be taken. Now for doners it can be a choice whether to convert the frags of their 10* hero to heroniums or save for donation . The donation stats will be shown in alliance tab along with contributions in milestone achievement. Higher the level of alliance goes, one can donate and reciever more frags depending on level of alliance


One can ask for reinforcements for pvp and doners will donate them heroes as reinforcements. The heroes they will donate , they won’t be able to use them for a while like for 1*/2*/3*/4* heroes they can’t use them for 5 minutes , for 5* heroes , they can’t use them for 10 minutes and for 7* heroes they can’t use them for 20 minutes. One can rush them using gold too. Each hero donated will be normalise to platinum level and once deployed in pvp or any other mission they will fight untill wave finished or for 20 seconds only. As the alliance level goes up like at level 5 , reinforcements heroes will normalise to plat+5 or at level 10 they will be normalise to ruby level 95. The reinforcements will be AI , manually can’t be operated.

This is not all , alliance levelling system will also help in WAR like as alliance level goes up , players will get 10% bonus buff for attacking and defense as power of heroes will be increased by 10%.

I think this can be a very good way to bring old players back and the losing popularity of game can be brought back .

Lemme know what you guys think .


I agree with you. Like you, I suggested new ideas for the game, like a new maps, new kind of events, etc.

But instead the dev’s do that, no, is the same month after month.

And like a said before, the game don’t need more new heroes, but need a new maps, new events, and ideas like yours too.

Like to many other mobile games, this game follow the same philosophy, but could be different, could be better like us said.


I like the donation system. Though it has gotten a few flaws. Say i am level 35. I have a couple of silvers. 4 star max. Then i get accepted in an alliance which is specifically set to donate to players. It could be an alliance full of maxed out players and they could abuse that system to make accounts grow too fast with little effort. Which in turn takes the fun away.

How to balance this issue? : they can store those duplicate fragments or fragments from heroes they stored up which they don’t need. And put them up for donation. This donation will have a specific store. These frags can be bought with alliance gems or another currency obtained by such events. So say a maximum of a couple frags a day depending on how much stars they are
Every day the store resets at reset time and whatever gets put into the store can be bought.

Also. Depending on level these can grant XP

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I agree with you. Four months into this game and I’m seriously starting to get bored already. I guess many people stayed because they have invested way too much money to leave.

Launching new heroes is the main source of their income so it would not be realistic to tell the dev to stop. I see people making great suggestions here in the forum but most of the time the dev either didn’t respond or simply rejected it.

I think we need to be prepared for the sad truth - this game is a few years old and it is making less and less money for the devs. Maybe this game is no longer worth it for the devs to invest in, they might rather save their resources for new projects/games.

The donation system doesn’t makes too fast growth. 10 frags a day of just only 1*/2*/3* hero won’t make growth

How would you know if this game is becoming unpopular? How are you measuring statistics?

I see posts like these often and the thing I find funny is the people that post them are back after every update saying the same thing. If it’s so unpopular then why keep coming back saying the same stuff?

Game becomes popular by more and more low levels players joining it. In the past few months, the ratio of new players to leaving players is less than 1

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