Ios October Update

Until now no update for ios, feels like loosing interest in this game after spendin money, its unfair while android users for sure are laughing, at least provide some fragmets for the delayed

I’m on Android and am not laughing. To be fair there’s really not a proper benefit for us to already have the update. I can’t see anything you’re missing out on; no new events, the new content will still be available for you when you get the update etc.
Only benefit I can see is actually to your advantage.


Apparently most of my Alliance is on Android so I can’t do raids with them. I can’t buy the new crate (putting me behind receiving the rewards a few days…?). I can’t try out the new brawls or hero changes. Some players are not even able to log in.

Also, a few months ago all iOS users missed out on an AMAZING deal of $5 for a bunch of VIP levels, frags, sta, etc. I love how people who have the update keep saying you aren’t missing out on much to iOS users. If it was the other way around, would you feel the same?

You can however raid campaign missions for equipment before you’re hit by the new lesser droprates. :slight_smile:

Right, but we can’t upgrade anything for less materials either. I have some members in my Alliance reporting they were able to instantly get 2-3 heroes plat after the update. I didn’t mention this because it’s kind of a wash imo.

You can save up with your brilliant drop rates while you wait for the update. It’s not like you’re gonna lose your collected loot. You can benefit a looot from this.

Having a few days of better drop rates, when drops are still terrible, isn’t a huge benefit. That’s why I said it’s a wash. I could have 2-3 more gold heroes platinum right now and using them in PVP. Instead I am able to get a couple more gold and platinum items. Seems like a wash. Then we have all the other negatives still.

Hey guys on iOS, focus your stamina looting as much platinum gear as possible… The drops are badly nerfed in update.

You actually have an advantage if you look on the positive side of things… Loot as much as possible but do not craft anything untill you update!! Craft costs reduced with reduced drops rates.

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That’s what I was trying to say. :slight_smile:
The only ones who benefit from this delay are the iOSers.

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