With regards of the Item Drop

Number of items/materials needed to upgrade = Decreased

Drop rates of items/materials = Decreased

It simply means that the Devs are increasing the value of the items.
If anything, it’s quicker to upgrade heroes now.
Back then, it took me a full week to upgrade a single hero to platinum, but now I upgraded Salvatore and Clyde (or Cayde-3 get the Destiny joke lol) both in the same week. In both of these times,I play all the time for a full week.


Finally a post that takes a step back and looks at the big picture. I appreciated how you are now to see that the update actually helps the players progress through the game.


Completely agreed, upgrading is way better then before, going to make my 4th platinum today or tomorrow since the update.

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5 Gold to Platinums since the update (yes I spent gold but not too much, a few 100).
In my opinon it’s TOO easy to promote now - take the thrill away, the grind is gone.

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I pulled Odachi out of the Brogan crates. Got 1900 stamina and promoted him to platinum, Gallante from Gold 1 to platinum and put one bar on Butter. So you need below 1000 energy from gold to platinum. That is only about 1,5 days worth of free energy.

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I actually like this upgrade rate. Its much faster yes but i think thats by design to close the gap between new and long standing players as well encouraging less min/maxing. Of course some people do that deliberately, but there are also plenty who dont even realize they do it or are completely unintentional about it as they want to use a certain team makeup but dont have everyone built yet.

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For me, it’s actually a lot more agitating to rank-up heroes by the minute you’re playing, because yes, drop rate for some items are downright impossible without 200 energy to spend.

The number of items needed did decrease, but the drop rate DECREASED along with it.

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I know that I’ve managed to upgrade my Min to Plat and my Brogan to Plat-2 within a single day of unlocking them, so it definitely is much better/easier to upgrade a hero’s grades… which I am a fan of.

Yeah you’re right, I read my comment to another thread about this. Sorry lemme fix that haha.

I’ve gotten 6 heroes from Gold to Platinum in a week now - it’s definitely too easy to promote. It can’t be good for the overall health of the game.