Is prophet good? Thinking should i max him or not. Please suggest

I got prophet now, should i max him? Is he worth?

He is just good for PVP, bounty its sucks and for war too not much power

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Oh!! Then will keep him aside…thank you @R15HAV😊

He’s not the best in any variation sadly maybe low level pvp. But his hp is low so he does really fast. Never had issues with one in pvp

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Ohw!! Considering this…i downna max him then!! What about kurtz?? His dominate skill is what making me think about.

Kurtz is one of the best hero’s in the game

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Kurtz is rolled very badly provided his skills are maxed

I have plat+2 kurtz now…and he is my 1st hero in my squad… who is the best combination with him?

Prophet can deal heavy damage with his basic attacks, especially with critical hits (I’ve killed enemies in PvP with only 3 headshots). He does a bit better in coop/pve because you can kill the weaker enemies to boost his attack damage and unleash powerful blasts with his bronze skill. Also, he can go invisible for a long time if you get lucky and its really helpful.

Kurtz is great with Halo, since if an enemy kills an ally all enemies are death a lot of damage. Ifrit/Flat line are useful for reviving heroes you accidentally executed (happens a lot). If you want add in francoise for superboosts.

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Ohh!! Okay …thanks for the information …i will probably work on ifrit or halo rather than flat.

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