Is this a Hacker? A bugger?

I went to take my dinner some hours ago (with Kurz on first place) and once I came back I realized this guy is top 1, wit more than 1K points gap.

Obviously this is a secondary account, cause he/her knows how the system works.

Is there a point multiplier? I mean, the less level you are, the more points you get when you beat a higher level?

The wierdest thing is that his/her heroes couldn’t make a top tier team for this PVP draft. Maybe the could make a Tier B, or A but once he/she get above first 1,000 people, they would destroy any team he/she could do.

So #1 guy is a lvl 11 player. I thought I was gonna see high level plat player.

Can’t accuse folks without proof on the forum. All you can do is report to support and they will look into it.

What GIR said.

It’s impossible to cheat, due to systems we have in place. Best to assume that someone is just better than you, or using a strategy that you haven’t come up with, rather than calling out another player publicly or thinking they might be “hacking,” which as I said, isn’t possible.