Is this a PvP bug?

I‘m sorry but the Fragment amount of this PvP event seems too high, or is it meant to be like that?I can‘t remember that the winner ever got 690 Fragments for winning…


Good job now we won’t get them : (

Top100 and top10 use to be as that. But the first one actually deserves it. Being first in the event is not that easy. And the first one should actually get some gold as well. For the massive effort. My opinion top100 should get some gold. Would make players to fight more. There is many players that are good but. Can’t be bothered and they only go for top250 and the difference is not as great.

I think it’s fixed now. I see 165 / 165 fragments on my device.

Edit: I just noticed that I am not in Champion bracket yet. It says 345 / 345 for Champion bracket members. I think it’s wroth it though.