Is it a bug or its real?

In the latest PvP I have 600 rank and I am in 75% category whereas I should be in 15% is it some kind of glitch or have you made a change in PvP ???
And btw support and faq are not working

600th place equals top 75%? Depending on your bracket, that might make sense. You can also email Support.

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There was an issue with the PVP tourney previously where you would be placed in the top 15% regardless of your actual rank, it is more accurate to where you are ranked now.

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I’m in Champion Bracket (750-999K)
Ranked 935 and in division top 50%
So only 2000 players are contributing in this event?
That is disappointing, I thought they were joking about this game dieing.

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No, i believe before it was calculated on overall amount of people playing the event whereas now it is specific to your bracket so you are in the top 50% of your bracket only not for the entire event.

I meant my bracket
Only 2000 players (Champion Bracket) are contributing in this event. It doesn’t mean there is only 2000 player’s are in this power range, it means only 2000 players in this power range are willing to spend their time in this event which is disappointing.

Yeah that does suck but it’s only second day of tourney, I’m sure numbers will double today before it ends, it always does

600-749k division – TOP 25% start from TOP 500. This is good.

1kk–1,25kk division – TOP 25% start from TOP 135. This is ridiculous.

Why rules not equal for all? If you make yourself stronger your life must became easy. But you instead make awful penalties for longtime players.