Item Fragment PvP Tournament Rewards

Seems like it takes nearly 800 stamina just to get the 14 platinum fragments to craft a Platinum Item.

What do you guys think about having item fragments (dependent on PvP league) as a part of rank rewards in certain tournaments?

  • Rookie (1 - 13) - bronze frags
  • Competitor (14- 41) - silver frags
  • Challenger (42 - 59) - gold frags
  • Champion (60 - 80) - platinum frags

Maybe top 100 could get a fully crafted platinum item (assuming we’re talking about Champion league), next rank tier could get x10 frags, next tier gets x7 frags, next tier get x5 frags, and so on.

I don’t see any detrimental effect this would have on anything, and it doesn’t have to be rewarded through every single tournament.


I don’t know if I’ve been lucky, but I’ve been getting plat items every other or so, but I like the idea!

Wow! You have been lucky! I’ve had to spend 3 days worth of stamina plenty of times just to get the platinum fragments I needed to promote a hero! It sucks! :unamused:

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