Hope this is a bug

Noticed next pvp tournament division 1 rewards says 25 fragments.

If thats not a mistake that is a punch in the nuts to players that don’t have all day to grind top 500. Some of us have jobs and families, its only one shard so top500 becomes harder and harder every second.

I think is pretty fair where it is at.

In previous tournaments division 1 was a million points at challenger level for 30 shards as a reward. This time around is half the points for 5 less shards and going off previous events, it’s highly likely that if you hit division 1 you will already be in the top 5000( I’m assuming you read that wrong because in your post you are talking about top 500 instead of 5000,) if not fairly close to being in it. I don’t think this is an unreasonable goal to reach, as even winning 1 match with a bonus hero could get you almost a 1/5th of the points needed to reach it.

I think it is fair.

A player needs to obtain 60 fragments in order to unlock a new 3* hero. In the past, when a new hero was released, 2 PvP tournaments were held in which division 1 players obtain the first half of what is needed in the first tournament (30 frags), and obtain the second half of what is needed in the second tournament (another 30 frags). Boom, quick and easy hero… Division one is not difficult to achieve, and I can imagine that a LOT of players were able to do this.

The way they’re doing it now, makes obtaining a newly released hero more of a chore, but I feel like that is exactly how it should be. Why should (virtually) EVERY PERSON get a new hero? It should be something worked for, and the way that it is now causes you to have to work/compete for it, but at the same time does not make it too difficult.

Now, instead of almost every players getting the hero, less than 500 players will have it, and it is something they will work for.

Additionally, if you get Division 1 in both tournaments, it’s not like you will get nothing. You will still have 50/60 fragments needed to unlock the hero, and I’m sure the devs will allow more opportunity to obtain the last 10 fragments sometime in the future (just like they have done in this update with Ghoul, Fortress, and Mauler).

EDIT: Looks like they changed to top 5,000 now. The number of people who get the hero should also be dependent on total number of people in the game.

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