It's requeste to HH about war and old players

Please HH developer, it’s request , please add hero level decrease option in setting, because all old players who are playing more than 1 and half years, they all level up their all hero, it makes them only bounty players, but they are not able to make good war alliance because of to high power, but lower top team, and new players only updating war hero, it makes lowest total power but higher top team, it’s unfair in war, that’s why I suggesting hero level decrease option in setting, thanks

Funny thing is, if people could lower their level and promotion and stars etc it would make this 1000x worse than it currently is. There’s plenty of alliances out there, if you want to play war with lower top 5s then find an alliance in a lower power bracket until you can upgrade

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Sorry to say that,bro maybe you are not playing war or maybe you’re not looking other alliance strategy and there strength, go and check ABC07 alliance all members hero list, they using minimum afford and getting better results, just because of lower total power , and they only update their main hero, thanks for your time

My friend, I am in an alliance at 70m and my account is 2.9m, we are top 10 every season and I have been in alliances that have won the season twice. I know a thing or two about running alliances and wars lol, I have an entire alliance dedicated to finding the perfect level for wars, my second alliance is the only one in the top 20 at 25m. If players could decrease their levels then min maxing like this would only get so much worse than it already is

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I agree with you said minmax, lots of Alliance doing the same thing, minmax, so why should not older players who playing 1 and half years, this option ( level decrease) give them even chance, second option needs to big change in war matchmaking

Because if people could do it manually rather than start a new account to do it, then it would make the current situation even worse than it already is. Say an alliance like mine right, we dominate at top level maps at 70m. If we could drop our power down to 30m and put every hero except our top 20 and the bonus hero at level 1 green we would only be a few hundred thousand power each. We would destroy anyone we face with 110k+ top 5 and our coordination which is why we win now against the TOP level players. Imagine we could do that to alliances who can’t even get in the top 100, just imagine how much worse that would be. Giving the option to lower power only allows more exploitation and manipulation of the matchmaking


That’s why I said they should take the top 5 from all players in the alliance and average that for match making. That would fix the players that are level 100 and 1.6 mil, but It would also add new ways to game the system. I’m not sure there is a way to change that - as soon as a loophole gets closed, people will start to work on finding a new one. I wouldn’t even call it a loophole - People just found a way to grab an advantage that is available.


I personally wouldn’t mind having a ‘do over’ on some character. If HHG has the ability to nerf a hero’s war power or skills, then I’d like to have the option to strip it of parts to use it elsewhere.

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