Jado’s Breakdown of - Cyber’s Hero Trailer

Hey everyone

Today I am here to present with all of you every thing I took away from this hero trailer, and everything that we know currently about the hero. But without any further ado, let’s begin!

#1) Hero Information and Statistics

While we don’t know everything about this hero, we do know certain things about them. Let’s start with what we know for as a fact.

This hero’s name is Cyber, followed by the description “You don’t want to cross him! Cyber is now part of the mainframe with the brand new Update”.
Cyber appears to be some sort of a “hacker”, being able to take control of the HHN’s broadcast. More on that later.

The faction of Cyber is also confirmed to be KLG Black Ops.


Next up would be this heroes element, and this one is a bit more tricky to figure out without being outright told.

The red highlights to Cyber’s armor might make some think he is a Mechanical hero, but my personal guess lies with him being an Energy. While Mechanical would make sense in completing the original trio of elements, (Spewage-Biochem, and Voltage-Energy), but I don’t see that happening based off of what we now this character to be like. If they are a hacker, then they would need a good knowledge of how technology works, with Energy based heroes being mostly tech based.

We can assume that he will be a 5 Star Hero like normal, as if he was something other than that we normally hear about it ahead of time.

Finally, this is pure speculation, but it is my guess that this hero is a Midline character, based in the look of his duel weapons, that we got a small glimpse of in the teaser image shared by DECA.

#2) Hero Design

Based on what we have seen, this hero seems to be taking on a modernized look, similar to what Barrel received last update.

Overall, I’m liking the design of the hero! The glimpses we’ve seen of Cyber in the Hero Trailer (which showed very little), and the “leaked” image of armor, all are looking great, and I’m excited the game is headed this way for its hero designs.

#3) Fall of the HHN?

As you can see above, the HHN appears to have been “hacked”. All of their monitors in the rest of the background are showing error messages, with the feed at the bottom reading

01110111 01100001 01110100 01100011 01101000 00100000 01101111 01110101 01110100

After translating the binary code to English, it reads the message “Watch Out”

Is Cyber warning us of an incoming threat? Or perhaps he himself is the threat? We don’t know, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Another miner detail some may have caught, is when you play the Hero Trailer with sound, fingers typing on a keyboard can be heard in the opening seconds of the video. Just more details to add to him being a “hacker”.

#4) Is Cyber the KLG’s solution to Fiber?

With Fiber being a very prominent character in the HH storyline, and herself being a “hacker”, it makes sense that the KLG, and Kurtz in particular would want to find someone that could match her in terms of skills if necessary.

It would be super fun and interesting to see these two hackers meet. Who knows if they would be ally’s, or enemies.

It also raises the question, what does Kurtz want a hacker for? What evil plan does Kurtz have in store for the city?

Anyways, that was just my quick breakdown and thoughts on Cyber’s Hero Trailer, and the 4 main things I took away from it. If you enjoyed reading this please let me know!

But with that, I head out. Thanks again for your time! :smiley:


Interesting and admirable. It is clear from the picture that a malicious hacker is going to enter the battle because everything has gone wrong. Malicious hackers are more interested in the word errors

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Personally, I don’t believe he will be a energy hero, I hope however that we get a 7 star mech, although the possibility of a 5 star void still remains, (also part of the “gun” you labeled might be his hand holding the riffle, time will tell)

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why is Kurtz label as the bad guy


Still a murderer, half as bad, but still bad.

Because the rest of the characters arent?

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Isn’t his main ability to execute his ally? I mean… (yes Ik he can execute enemies)

Kurtz is a negative character, but his powers are great, the story is not important, Power is important

Medics can heal but they dont
whos the real villain here

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Kurtz is great hero with awesome skills. And according to hh story Wesson is the real villain not Kurtz.

To roughly explain this. Kurtz has started an uprising and Wesson illegally used warheads and blamed Kurtz on it. So basically, Wesson isn’t the ‘bad’ guy. But Kurtz isn’t either. Their ways of using their power and forces and their blaming game is what makes both of them ‘bad’
In fact. If i were to choose a side i’d choose KLG. For quite a lot of reasons.

Also to mention, yes, Kurtz bribes factions to fight for him, which is also wrong. But, i don’t think anyone is the villain. Since both sides do what they think is best

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