Jarek Year of the Ox skin idea

so for this skin idea, gave him horns and a nose ring. edited his helmet a bit to give it more of a face in a sense and not be mostly occupied by the red visor. clothes and detail colors are brown, like an Ox and his shoes cut off to black to kinda give that hoof appearance. lasty darkened the gun slightly. it was too bright for my liking in the color scheme i chose.

Since Kurtz has a Lunar skin last year (Year of the Rat), thought someone else would get a skin that would reflect the next zodiac animal


I like it, it fits his playstyle too! He charges like a bull and lift you up. Great work on the art and fun idea. Hope this gets seen!

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Great … it lacks a cowboy rope. You cannot catch buffaloes without the rope


But. I like buffalos…

I’m was born on year of the ox.

Great skin concept. I like that

Nice one @GIR, HH should at least listen to us because we have full of ideas, but sadly they can’t because they just can’t.

Thanks to you also GIR, I have something cool made on my mind. Skin ideas also. It’s ok if they can’t be applied, at least we can show them off what we got.


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