Lunar 2020 Skin

2020, “The Year of the Rat”. I really like the skin they put out, but I do have 1 problem with it…
They put it on the wrong hero. With the way the story has played out, so far, this skin should have went to Colonel Wesson. Sneaking around in secret, giving out the weapon that put the world into chaos. If that isn’t something a dirty rat would do, I don’t know what is.

What is he going to do next? Start a new epidemic? Or am I seeing the story completely wrong?

I can’t wait to see the next chapter of the story?

Thanks for the great game play Hot Head Games. Keep up the amazing game. I have enjoyed it for over 700 days.

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Technically the skin should have gone to Cross as he betrays the KLG in the first few districts and helps Ryker. Cross is the reason that the other factions help Ryker and Dogface joins you. Cross is the reason Kurtz was brought down and you discovered Wesson’s plan of domination. Cross is the real rat.


If you think of the North American connotations a rat carries, sure. There’s more context if you look at the Chinese zodiac.


For the sake of discussion:

The Rat, is inquisitive, shrewd and resourceful. In the wild, Rats have no loyalty. The things they do, are for self gain. IE… Wesson or Cross. Rats, in the wild will turn on one another and resort to cannibalism, to feed themselves.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Rat represents renewal, I believe. I think it may have been the first animal in the Chinese Zodiac. (Someone please correct me if I am wrong. This isn’t facebook and I don’t want to be giving out false information)
This does fall in with the story line, and Kurtz wanting to give the world a new beginning.

Also, Rats helped spread the Bubonic Plague.

Yes, the Rat comes first in the cycle. Kurtz is the first named character mentioned in the opening narrative.

:thinking: Hmmmm… Did Kurtz get the skin because he is the first hero in the narrative, or is there a deeper meaning… :thinking:

I dunno guys, the rat kinda betrayed the cat in the zodiac race :cry:

Could be that Kurtz being the badguy, he tends to escape and be sneaky like a rat.

Or I could be confusing it with GI Joe. I didn’t read the dialogue, I’m just guessing rn

I did not know what you were talking about, so I asked my trusty assistant, google. I did not know that story about the Chinese Zodaic. Thank you for peeking my curiosity. Is the Rat skin, foretelling? Were Kurtz and Wesson supposed to take over the world together? Maybe they are brothers, and Kurtz “betrayed” Wesson, and this is all one big plot of Wesson playing everyone against eachother, against Kurtz?

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Uhm… Maybe we can see the whole story in upcoming “extreme update”.

I guessing so, they both supposed to be together to conquer the world. But devide by their own concept.
But again, after stage 14 released, i just knew that bad culprit is a Wesson. So yeah, Kurtz must be win for the first, like background story of Rat race story/zodiac, imo

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