Loading Screen Surprise

Just Updated hero hunters. Considering it would be mercenary and rangers month, I kinda expected them on a clash at the new loading screen, but i got the screen above instead. Are those, ER,Vanguard and Operator?
P.S.Way to keep me excited for the next update HH.


Will we be turning against the UAF? Or better yet, get a hero that summons these bad boys as allies? :thinking: (Also, a silent moment for the technician who doesn’t get to dress up)

We’ll have to wait.
P.S. Who’s the technician you’re talking about?

you won me …

I wonder what this is about :open_mouth:

It’s sarcasm? …

It’s about the new loading screen…

The Technician is the KLG troop that spawns a drone.

This is KLG goons from campain. But with new skins.

Dron operator is woman

Isn’t that the UAF emblem no his chest?

Do you complete 13th district? Story have a twist.

This is good. This is very good. I’ve always wanted to see something new relating to the KLG units. These new skins look very cool!

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After Kurtz’s downfall in disctrict 13 and UAF headquarter is where the district 14 will take place, so they must be the enemies in the that campaign.
I’m actually excited about the new district. Can’t wait to face the “Root of all Z-day”.