July 2019 Events Schedule!

Welcome to July, Hunters! This month’s featured faction is the People’s Guard!
For complete event details, check out the list down below.

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other details. Events and content subject to change.

Note from Skathi: The calendar might look a little packed this month because, well, it is. So many events! :tipping_hand_woman: You can find clarifications on dates in the list down below.


  • July 12th to July 15th: People’s Guard
  • July 26th to July 29th: People’s Guard

PVP Tournaments/Brawls/Faction Fights:

  • July 3rd to July 5th: Tournament – Astrix and Prophet
  • July 5th to July 6th: Brawl – Hero Draft
  • July 7th to July 8th: Brawl – Elemental Wars
  • July 9th July 11th: Tournament – Shank and Francoise
  • July 15th to July 16th: Brawl – Hero Draft
  • July 16th to July 18th: Tournament – Shank and Halo
  • July 17th to July 18th: Brawl – Elemental Wars
  • July 19th to July 22nd: Faction Fight: People’s Guard and Magistrates
  • July 23rd to July 24th: Brawl – Elemental Wars
  • July 23rd to July 25th: Tournament – Shank and Castellan
  • July 29th to July 30th: Brawl – Hero Draft
  • July 30th to Aug 1st: Tournament – Shank and Mauler

Solo Blitz:

  • July 16th to July 18th
  • July 19th to July 22nd
  • July 26th to July 29th

Alliance Blitz:

  • July 1st to July 4th
  • July 8th to July 11th
  • July 30th to Aug 2nd

Solo Raids:

  • June 30th to July 3rd
  • July 3rd to July 8th: INDEPENDENCE DAY 2019 RAZORDOME!!!
  • July 12th July 15th
  • July 23rd to July 26th

Co-op Raids:

  • July 7th to July 20th – Assault on City Hall
  • July 18th to July 22nd
  • July 29th to Aug 2nd

Don’t forget about Daily Raids!


Glad to see Razordome event again…thanks devs


Who are going to be the gauntlet and pvp store hero’s in July?

You’ll find out once we announce the July Update! Keep your eyes on the forum; we’ll be updating you soon!


Is there any chance to change the gauntlet system also? At least the difficulty if we’re not using quick win?

ty for adding solo raid events in schedule
when the update is come :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Who’s it going to be this moth

What’s the faction in August???


When are you releasing the August update notes? Just curious

Ahhh everyone asking for which faction is next month, y’all need to wait and find out :eyeglasses:
August notes should come out by the end of the month or start of next month if history is to be followed.

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i think you meant UAF

I’m hoping for UAF also. But this time I hope they add the airborne. They didn’t last time. So far the airborne have never been the featured faction. Only panzer on her own.


It will be Magistrates :wink:

You’ll find out soon! :eyes: Patience, my friends.


I love this game but the devs have lately kinda ignored the community a little. I wish you guys would respond like OMNI used to in VIP. You guys used to just give us more connection. It made this game more special than the cold disconnected games of the past. I’ve literally never skipped a day in 532 days. I kinda wish you guys were giving the same kind of community commitment.


We try to be as active as we can. Unfortunately, we can’t reply to every single message that players send us, or every comment they want clarification on. We still have to make the game, and that takes time! That being said, we’re in VIP chat every day, Discord every day, and forums constantly throughout the day. We hear you, and even if we don’t have time to respond and clarify, you matter to us, and we see you.


Join us on discord you will find a community who is welcome and happy to always answer questions help and joke around with you, not to mention the devs are there alot as well and personally from my time in the server I have made plenty of friends devs and other players alike. Omni was active but if you ever want a devs attention just @LordNikon in discord and he will be happy to talk :slight_smile:

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That’s all well and good, but do you speak our names? That’s where it’s really at.