July update- You messed it up developers

So I’ll be honest, I’m not enjoying this update. I’m only allowed to sell an 8th of my surplus gear. I can only sell green idems and silver,gold,plat fuel cells. No silver, gold or plat gear.

Pvp rewards now stink. Putting the pvp gems in the pvp crate was a mistake in my opinion. I dont know exactly how this next tournament will go but the rewards look disappointing.
Love the game, not the update

  • Thattdude

First the rewards aren’t for you, they haven’t shown you your actual rank or placement and other people are already talking about these issues, no need to add more pages and they said also you could only trade in complete items so it isn’t a surprise

My friend the gear is for crafted gear items only not gear fragments so you won’t be able to sell anything other then green as pieces as green gear frags are the lowest form.

The PvP crate has just changed percentages to allow gems and quick win tickets in so unfortunately percentages will need to fall, the gems can be counted as wins anyway as 100 gems is equal to a toon frag.

Also the PvP rewards are bugged I can confirm with my chats with the devs that a bug is preventing you from seeing the other power bracket rewards and it is showing the lowest bracketed rewards.

Please don’t make any more posts about this as the problems are known and are being worked on thank you :slight_smile: