Shivs nerf

Does anyone agree with me that Shivs needs a nerf!?

Please no hate comments on this, just want everyone’s general opinion on this because I am struggling when I come against her in PvP.


Maybe a little bit of a nerf. Right now shes just literally a straight up better panzer.

Or we need some viable bios to counter her.

Could not disagree more. She is just fine.


Shivs has already nerfed, she isn’t hard to kill. Odachi will take care of Shivs easy


GODLANTE joined the chat? No way! by the way, shivs dosent need a nerf. shes not hard to beat

Shivs already got a nerf. I think she is just the right amount of power but able to kill. I’m using Mauler on her currently. Honestly maxed out 4-CEP is way tougher!

I think the last nerf made her very balanced. Not too strong or too weak.


Shivs will almost always lose against an equal Kaishi. I think her last nerf was very fitting.


Agreed, Kaishi is a wonderful counter to Shivs.

Im always against a nerf if hero isnt OP. She clearly isnt now.

Everything in this game is about nerf. Common and get a life. Once they nerf we need to learn a new team. Every team is not unbeaten but once they nerf that hero never get used anymore. Where is ronin panzer flatline Gale. We have lost so many heroes that are hardly used now. No team is unbeaten so have what you can. Nerf Kurtz and everyone was fighting in alliance wars for it. Now they don’t. Once a nerf comes in feels like a total new game. Horrible

Not true, i still try to unlock every hero, whether i am going to use it or not. I mean we already have 80+ heroes, most of the people use only few teams for pvp

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And why they use a few teams for pvp. Because of nerfing. What’s the point in using ronin team now with cep and shiv around. You remember the mauler meta team. Mauler flatline drake Caine and halo. They didn’t nerf mauler but that team went as people found ronin instead of mauler with the same team. Both teams very good but not unbeaten. And the mauler team was the meta team to kill panzer after so many nerfs. So here you have it. All those now are a non use heroes. If none of them wasn’t nerfed then now you would have a great 3 teams. The panzer team. The mauler team and the ronin team. Plus a team with cep and one with shiv. The most used healers at the time like flatline and nightgale. Do you see them as often. No, because they are nerfed. If they weren’t nerfed I am sure you can still have them on your team even if you think you will face a cep team. Basically we don’t use all the heroes as once they are nerfed the hero is just a useless one

I think the point is that no player should ever have a “perfect” team, such as teams with pre-nerf shivs, panzer, etc. Every team should have some degree of weaknesses, and finding different synergies is all a part of pvp.


No team was unbeaten. Even ronin team wasn’t unbeaten. You had a good streak of winning but not endless. The team died after a while. And by the time you find the team that works for you the actual main hero gets a nerf. And yet again you have no team for pvp. And that’s why 90% in this game the do sandbaging. Or they keep the hero skills at low level with maxed stars or now day they even keep their whole account and low levels. We have a mister level 80 with most main pvp heroes maxed stars and bars and why is that? Because this game with nerfing is a total garbage. One minute you have the best team and the next minute you don’t.

Quit the crying and get with the program already guys! Nerfing a hero will only put that hero to waste. Why not build a team, if you see what you liked. Complaining with just ruin the fun for everyone and also yourself. Like they always say, if you cant beat them. Join them!!

You can’t honestly think a policy of never-nerfing is a good policy? What if someone is OP? You cannot expect the developers to get everything right on their first try.

They’ve told us they don’t just nerf based on complaints, but based on data.

When people say “you never see X anymore” please try to keep in mind there are 83 heroes, only 5 play on a PVP team. So if you encounter a hero once in 16 matches, that’s a sign there being used an average amount. If you see a hero more often than that, they might be OP; less than that, they might need a buff.

I don’t think I could play 16 matches without seeing a Ronin, a Mauler, a Panzer, a Flatline, a Nightingale, a Drake, and a Halo. None of those heroes have been nerfed into being garbage, but they have been nerfed to the point of not seeing them practically every match (like they all were at one point), which is good; diverse meta is good. Creativity is good. Strategy is good.

There are heroes though that you probably would go 16+ matches without encountering: Salvatore, Richter, Elite Rifleman, Oro. There’s not too many though. IMO the PVP meta right now is diverse/good. I’m seeing different teams all the time, and I have a team power of 1,139,077 so it’s not like I’m playing in the amateur league either.

One can find the literal best combination of heroes, and still expect to lose some matchups to teams that are worse than that team overall, but are adept at beating that specific team. It’s a classic strategy dilemma, do you play the meta, or the anti-meta.


Shiv seems fine, and is currently overshadowed by 4-Cep (who is in more need of a nerf than her, IMO). 4-Cep can slaughter heroes with his basic attack and his abilities arent even needed. The heal block is the only one that is semi useful.

Shiv on the other hand has to actually land a kill and get her abilities rolling before she really cranks out the damage. Why use a character you need wait for kills and abilities on when you can use another who starts out doing a ton of damage from the start with just his basic attack?

That’s what I am saying since ages we don’t use a bio dps. Mainly have been mechanic dps. Nerfing I don’t think is the best idea. If there was ronin bring out a mechanic dps to counter it on the next update. And that mechanic gets to be the next meta team bring out a bio to counter it on the next update. Why we don’t talk about how garbage the new heroes that hh brings are. Recently heroes: xianjiu, purifier, Alvarez. Carabina. Lancer. Commando. And to top it up Klayton. Here you go. Let’s talk about those. Total garbage and a ripoff and that’s thanks to HH. Story come short: no nerfing but hh should bring out a hero to counter it on each update as we don’t want garbage heroes. If some would tell me the use of klayton I would be very happy.

And instead of talking about the nerf why don’t we talk that the skills of heroes won’t work sometimes. Is just stuck and won’t use the skill. Those are the things we should point out towards HH