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Brogan is a ghost or what?
There is no offer on him, he is never in the shops, in the pvp crates you do first to unlock Kurtz 5 times.
He’s a myth, apart from the VIPs I’ve never seen anyone have it.

Has anyone managed to unlock it by way of store or am I just very unlucky?

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One time he showed up in the Alliance Store :joy:

He has the same unlock avenues as Prophet and Artemis. He’s in the pool for the Alliance and Heronium stores. As far as I know, none of the 7* heroes are in the PvP & Gauntlet store pools. He’s also available via hero crate, like the other two (which is where I got him).

the one of the pvp crate was a joke, but respects Prophet (who I recently unlocked from the store) and Artemis (I miss 26 fragments), Brogan never appears

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